10 Fun Facts about Nassau

Welcome to Nassau Bahamas

When visiting the Bahamas, Nassau should definitely be part of your itinerary. This is because this great city gives you a taste of both worlds. This metropolis has the perfect mix of tropical paradise and urban sophistication making Nassau a top destination in the Islands of the Bahamas. If you’re still having second thoughts on spending a night or two in this beautiful city, knowing these fun facts will help you seal the deal.

  1. Nassau is connected to the equally popular destination called Paradise Island. They are connected by two 600-foot bridges. This means that you have easy access to another well-known attraction in the Bahamas, making your trip twice as fun.


  1. Pirates are closely associated with the Caribbean (hence, the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”). According to legends, pirates called Blackbeard and Calico Jack used to call this city their home.


  1. This city attracts most of the Bahamas’ tourist traffic, so expect to meet and mingle with people from across the globe!


  1. It is the largest city in the Bahamas. Therefore, you surely will not run out of things to do in Bahamas Nassau. Enjoy the night life, extensive shopping options, top-rated dining restaurants, and immaculate beaches.


  1. One of the more unique Nassau Bahamas attractions is Ardastra Gardens. Witness real live pink flamingos parade in drill formation! Other exotic animals can be seen here as well such as peacocks and honey bears.


  1. A true shopaholic will go crazy shopping in Nassau Bahamas. Downtown Nassau is known for selling authentic Bahamian crafts, accessories, and trinkets. Specialized batik fabric, also known as the Bahamas’ national fabric, can also be found in a small shop called The Sea Grape. These items make great souvenirs!


  1. Want to try your luck? Casinos are also among the most-visited Nassau Bahamas attractions. Playing casino games is a common recreational activity among tourists. This is also your chance to interact with other people and gain new friends.


  1. Your Bahamas vacation won’t be complete without experiencing the underground world in New Providence. Discover a different world as you dive into clear waters and explore the wonders of reefs and wrecks.


  1. Fashionistas will love to know that Nassau Bahamas shopping also includes singular items such as top-quality silk nightgowns/pajamas, kimonos, tunics, and slippers seen only at Far East Traders. Other unique finds you can purchase from this city are antique maps, hand-woven baskets and hats, rare books, and Victorian jewelry.


  1. How amazing would it be to ride an actual submarine? The Sea Explorer will take you on a 90-minute submarine tour 5 feet underwater. Be captivated by exotic sea creatures and coral reefs! This tour will definitely be a one-of-a-kind experience.


With so many exceptional things to do in Bahamas Nassau, there is no doubt that your trip to this amazing city will be an unforgettable one. Visiting Nassau will definitely give you an experience that you will rave about for years to come!

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