10 Fun Outdoor Activities in the Bahamas

Coco Cay - Bahamas

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the words “the Bahamas” is tropical islands comprised of towering coconut trees, fresh sea air, and majestic beaches. It is only right then that you should make the most out of your Bahamas vacation by spending it outside, under the glorious Bahamian sun. Keep in mind these fun-filled outdoor activities that you may enjoy with your friends, family, or special someone to maximize your Bahamas experience.

#1: Laze away on Bahamas beaches

Enjoy the Bahamas weather by basking under the sun on one of the unspoiled white sandy beaches. Experience paradise at its finest as beaches here are known to be the best across the globe. A few of the best Bahamas beaches are Cable Beach (New Providence Island), Tahiti Beach (Hope Town), Saddle Cay (Exumas), and Taino Beach (Grand Bahama Island).


#2: Explore nature in the Bahamas

Nature parks are great places where you can spend your day. If you’re interested in having an ecological experience, visit the likes of Lucayan National Park, Garden of Groves, and Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center. Expose yourself to species you have never seen before and witness a whole new world unfold. The great thing about visiting national parks is it can be fun and educational at the same time.


#3: Interact with Bahamas’ marine life

Your Bahamas vacation won’t be complete without experiencing Dolphin Encounters. It is not everyday you can touch and swim with bottlenose dolphins. You may also come face-to-face with sea lions! Interacting with these gentle creatures will have you raving about it to friends back home.


#4: Dive into Bahamas’ underwater world

While lounging by the beach is a great way to spend your tropical vacation, why not try exploring the underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving? There are several tours that can take you to the best Bahamas diving sites. After being oriented by trained divers, you may now discover the marvels of the incredible marine life of the Bahamas.


#5: Spash around in manmade water parks in Atlantis Resort

Manmade water parks are also great attractions in the Bahamas. Visit the Atlantis Resort and ready yourself for a daring experience! Here you can find several water slides to choose from, some of which are towering high that will surely unleash your adventurous side. Water parks are great for the family as there is always something exciting to do for everyone.


#6: Sail away on the Bahamas’ seas

Leisure travelers have the option of renting a sailboat or yacht to relax and enjoy the beautiful Bahamas weather with its fresh, summer breeze. There is no better way to escape reality than sailing away where the wind and waves take you.


#7: Go on a Jeep Safari tour in Freeport, Bahamas

Animal lovers will be in absolute awe in the jeep safari tour. Tourists may driver their own jeep deep into the lush forests and vegetation of Freeport. Navigate off-road and be astonished by the exotic creatures that can only be seen on tropical islands.


#8: Enjoy watersports in Bahamas

Various water sports are offered in any beachfront resort. Tourists may take part in activities such as parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, and fishing.


#9: Shop until you drop in the markets of Bahamas

Stroll along the rustic streets of the Bahamas and discover the unique crafts and trinkets that may only be seen here. Authentic Bahamian products can make great souvenirs of your unforgettable vacation. Duty-free shopping is also available in the Bahamas as well as stylish boutiques for the fashionista in you.


#10: Party around a Bonfire at a Bahamas Beach

As the sun sets, tourists may enjoy a bonfire by the beach. Evenings on Grand Bahama Island are spent on the beach while mingling with other tourists and locals. Enjoy a feast by the bonfire and dance the night away with your friends, family, or new faces.


These activities are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other things to do which will fit accordingly to whatever preference you have in mind. One thing is for sure—a vacation in the Bahamas will without a doubt exceed your highest expectations.

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