5 Must-See Attractions in Long Island Bahamas

The Unspoiled Beauty of Long Island Bahamas

So you’re planning to take a trip to Long Island Bahamas. While visiting a pink sand beach and taking in the breathtaking view of the Atlantic waves along the east coast of the island are definitely on your to-do list, there are certainly loads more things that you can do to make the most out of your Bahamas vacation. Here are 5 must-see attractions on Long Island Bahamas that you really should put on your list as well:

#1: Dean’s Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island Bahamas

One of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see on Long Island Bahamas is Dean’s Blue Hole. A blue hole is a water-filled sinkhole that has its entrance below the sea level. Dean’s Blue Hole is actually the world’s deepest blue hole and has been visited by divers from all over the globe. Seeing the deep hole from the top of the cliffs gives you a breathtaking view of a vivid blue circle, the view from within the hole looking up is even more so. Free divers and snorkelers will have an adventure of a lifetime at this great spot. Your Bahamas pictures will never show off anything this beautiful again.


#2: Cape Santa Maria Beach

Cape Santa Maria Beach, Long Island Bahamas

One of the world’s most beautiful beaches can actually be found on Long Island Bahamas. This beach is full of soft white powdery sand and clear, calm waters that make you never want to leave. It’s an unspoiled paradise perfect for exploring the underwater life through snorkeling or just plain bathing under the sun. Best of all, while this beach is serene and uncrowded, it’s just minutes away from a great resort where you can sample some delicious cuisine after your day at the beach.


#3: Columbus Point

Columbus Point, Long Island Bahamas

One of the most spectacular views you’ll ever enjoy during your Bahamas vacation will be at this Columbus monument. Columbus Point is the highest point on Long Island Bahamas and affords visitors an amazing view of the ocean. Going up to this historical site can be a bit inconvenient with its really rough and bumpy road but truly worth the sacrifice. Whether you’re island hopping to Long Island Bahamas or staying there for your entire vacation, don’t miss out on experiencing this little piece of Bahamas history.


#4: Conception Island

Conception Island near Long Island Bahamas

This wildlife sanctuary has the most diverse marine life you’ll ever be fortunate to see. The pink sandy seashore is a nesting site for endangered green turtles while the island’s center is a mangrove and creek habitat. Different kinds of birds can also be found all over this little sanctuary. Surrounding the island are some of the most beautifully unspoiled reefs you will ever find. Snorkeling can be a wondrous experience. Wall diving is also a whole lot of fun. You’ll get to see schools of fish, sharks, lobsters, and even manta rays. Those looking to do some underwater sightseeing will be in for a treat at Conception Island.


#5: The Ruins of Long Island Bahamas

Adderley's Plantation Ruins, Long Island Bahamas

It’s easy to feel lost in the wonder of nature on this island. But it has more to offer than just natural attractions. There are actually three ruins of plantations that still remain standing to this day. Dunmore’s Plantation in Dunmore Town, Gray’s Plantation in the village of Gray’s stand, and Adderley’s Plantation near Cape Santa Maria all provide tourists with a glimpse of the once grand estates that lived during the 1700s and 1800s.


All of these must-see attractions are but a few of the many things to see and do on Long Island Bahamas. Visiting this beautiful, unspoiled hideaway will surely make your Bahamas vacation the best one yet.

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