5 Nature Places in the Bahamas Worth Exploring

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The Bahamas is an eclectic archipelago comprised of several lush islands that many seek to visit, especially during summer time. This prominent tourist destination is made up of the freshest and most unsoiled beaches, making this a haven of natural resources; a widely known place for rest and relaxation.

The laid-back culture of the Bahamas is like no other. The locals, from Grand Bahama Island to Great Inagua, are known for their hospitality and gallant service. You will instantly feel a genuinely warm welcome upon arriving on this island. The great thing about this island is that tourists will never run out of things to do. Vacationers can enjoy a wide range of activities consisting of distinct Bahamian music, food, art and entertainment. The choices of recreational activities are endless which will suit the specific needs of vacationers. While the number of diverse activities is clearly extensive, the Bahamas is generally known for their natural attractions. Among them, there are 5 nature places which you definitely should not miss visiting.


The Best Natural Attractions in The Bahamas:


 1. Lucayan National Park

Cave in Lucayan National Park Bahamas

Because of the popularity of its beaches, it is not common to think of caves, pine trees, and lush forests and associate them with the Bahamas. The Lucayan National Park offers tourists a different kind of experience. This park, located in Grand Bahama Island, consists of lush terrains reminiscent of a camping site where the adventurous traveler can explore unimaginable flora and fauna.


2. Outdoor Aquarium

Aquarium in Atlantis Bahamas

This unique recreational area is located in Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. Witness the most exotic sea creatures swim above you such as eels, sharks, lobsters, and jellyfish through an acrylic underwater tunnel connected to the creatures’ water habitat. This attraction is great for kids as they can also interact with sea creatures through a petting tank. Atlantis Resort even offers an exciting water slide through the middle of its Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon! No need to worry though as you’ll be passing by these extraordinary creatures through a clear and safe underwater tube.


 3. Garden of the Groves

Garden of the Groves Bahamas

This twelve-acre area of fresh vegetation is located at Freeport Bahamas. It is known to be the most visited tourist attraction in Freeport. A quaint chapel is situated amongst the freshest natural creations, which serves as an exceptional place to meditate or get married. You can also encounter fascinating creatures like a wide array of bird breeds and insects. The vibrant colors and scents of wild flowers will also bewilder you and give you a new found appreciation for Mother Nature.


4. Blue Lagoon

Dolphin at Blue Lagoon Bahamas

Acquaint yourself with real life sea lions at Blue Lagoon located at Nassau Bahamas. Upon registering and wearing a wetsuit, you can touch, feed and, play with these gentle creatures. Blue Lagoon also offers dolphin encounters which are a suitable activity for people of all ages or for a family as a whole. A nearby beach is easily accessible so that tourists may kick back, relax, and bask under the Bahamian sun.


 5. Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center

Flamingos of Bahamas

This 5 ½ acre park is situated just right outside the center of Nassau Bahamas. This sanctuary is made up of a zoo housing a handful of exotic animal species from all over the world. You must not leave Ardastra Gardens without witnessing the marching flamingoes! This place was built for a cause which is to advocate the preservation and conservation of the world’s endangered species.


With the diverse activities offered on these islands, there’s no doubt that your vacation will be a fun-filled and even educational one. The natural attractions found here are truly remarkable and distinct to the islands. Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or your special someone, your trip to the Bahamas will definitely be one for the books.

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