Abaco Bahamas

Abaco’s History

Memorial Sculpture of British Loyalists in Abaco Bahamas

The Lucayan Indians were the first people to inhabit Abaco Bahamas.  However, they died out from overwork and European diseases when the Spanish took them to work in Hispaniola. In 1783, the first settlers from Europe, British Loyalists during the American Revolution, came after the war and settled on the island.  Initially, their livelihoods were based on cotton plantations which created a booming economy in Abaco Bahamas for a time. Later on, when the plantations died out, the people turned to farming, salvaging wrecks, and building wooden boats.    In the 1970’s, some locals were unhappy about Bahamian Independence and decided to become their own British colony apart from the Bahamas. Unfortunately for them, the Abaco Independence Movement didn’t pan out. The island remains part of the Bahamas to this day.


The People of Abaco Bahamas

Local at Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

The total population of the Abaco Bahamas is approximately 15,000 people; 50% are descended from British Loyalists and the other 50% are descended from their slaves.  A large part of the population resides in Marsh Harbour which is also the capital of the island and the center of the island’s economy. Other settlement areas include Winding Bay, Wilson City, Treasure Cay, Spring City, Sandy Point, Rocky Point, Little Harbour, Hope Town Bahamas, Green Turtle Cay, Crossing Rock, Coopers Town and Cherokee Sound. The people are pretty laid back and friendly, their communities giving off a “homey” feel compared to the more developed areas in the Bahamas. While many of locals’ ancestors started out with livelihoods in fishing and boating, many of them now depend on tourism. When it comes to livelihoods, virtually everyone on the island has one.


Places to Stay in: From Hotels to Abaco Bahamas Real Estate

Lofty Fig Villas in Marsh Harbour

Because tourists from all over come to visit this sailing capital of the world, there are lots of beautiful hotels and resorts in Abacos Bahamas.  They range from charming, family run places to luxury full-service resorts with marinas. The Lofty Fig Villas in Marsh Harbour is often considered the best hotel and resort accommodation on the island.  Tourists love this place above all other Bahamas resorts on the island because it offers a convenient location, a walking distance to many restaurants, liquor stores, and a short ride to a local grocery store. It’s also just a short walk to Dive Abaco which offers the best scuba diving in the entire Bahamas.


Other popular hotel accommodations in Abacos Bahamas include the Green Turtle Club & Marina, the Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour, the Abaco Club in Winding Bay, Delphi Club, Spanish Cay Resort, Dolphin Beach Resort, Oceanfrontier Hideaway, and many others.


In case you want a more permanent place to stay at on the island, you can also find lots of Abaco Bahamas real estate property for sale.  There are many online directories where you can find licensed brokers to help you out.  They can assist you in finding information about local amenities, legal matters, mortgages, banking, investment, immigration, and all other related information that you need to know about real estate in the area.  The great thing about Abaco Bahamas real estate is that you will surely find the best property where you can spend your retirement, short trips, or vacation. From quaint cottages to luxury condos, beachfront property to hilltop residences, there’s something for everyone. Investing in real estate will definitely be worth it on this beautiful island.


Attractions in Abaco Bahamas

Hope Town Lighthouse 2

Hope Town Bahamas is one of the popular tourist destinations in Abaco Bahamas.  It is a great place to spend your family vacation or romantic getaway.  This quaint little town is unlike any of the main tourist attractions in the Bahamas because you won’t find any large glitzy resorts, crowded beaches, cruise ships, or even the less liked pushy street vendors. There are, however, lots of shops, restaurants, and even liquor stores that tourists can check out. Many of the landmarks in the town are also popular attractions such as the Hope Town Lighthouse, Wyannie Malone museum, the Cholera graveyard, and, of course, the beaches.   It is considered as an exceptional travel destination for tourists who are searching for something unique and special in the Bahamas.


There are many other great things to do and visit in Abaco Bahamas.  You can take a ride on Alburry’s Ferry, visit Tahiti Beach or Guana Cay Beach, see one of the 4 national parks such as Pelican Cays National Park, or do some fishing and boating along the Cays.

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