Attractions on Cat Island, Bahamas

Cat Island Bahamas

Cat Island, Bahamas may be only around a hundred and fifty square miles in land area, but it contains all of the necessary ingredients to make your Bahamas vacation fun, relaxing, exciting, and meaningful — all at the same time. Whether you choose to go heron-watching and take in the natural riches of this island, or discover the fascinating tales behind the ruins and historical campsites, your stay will surely be filled with interesting photographs and vivid memories of this island’s attractions.

Your Bahamas vacation will surely get off to an exciting start if you check out Big Blue Hole near Dickies Road. Bahamas is home to many blue holes, but this one is particularly deep and has strong undercurrents flowing out to the sea. This has made it quite a well-known, albeit feared, attraction on Cat Island, Bahamas. In fact, some locals believe that it swallows horses! While the Bahamas legend may seem overly imaginative, the currents are strong, so don’t get too adventurous with this one.

Armbrister Creek is another body of water that is well known on Cat Island, Bahamas because it is connected to the Boiling Point. While the temperature of the water may not be hot at all, it has earned this name because of the bubbles that come up as a result of the flow of water in this area. All this water surface activity has led many of the older folk to believe that a sea monster lives in the depths of the lake. This “monster” doesn’t seem to scare anyone though as the area is populated with baby sharks as well as birds that reside under the mangrove cover.


Deveaux House Mansion on Cat Island Bahamas

The Bahamas enjoys quite a colorful history which you can learn more about with a visit to the Columbus World Centre Museum. If you want to get a more authentic taste of history, though, one of the best ways you can do it is by visiting some of the notable houses on Cat Island, Bahamas. The Deveaux House Mansion in Port Howe, for instance, was a gift to Colonel Andrew Deveaux for his role in turning away the Spanish invaders from Nassau. For something a bit more contemporary, you can check out Sidney Poitier’s house as well.


The Hermitage on Cat Island Bahamas

Before you leave Cat Island, Bahamas, make sure you pay a visit to The Hermitage. This is one of the most well-known attractions in the Bahamas as it is also its highest point. If you’re feeling strong enough, you simply have to climb up Mt. Alvernia to see a replica of a monastery from the 1300’s. Take the time to look around, and you’ll find that your stay on Cat Island, Bahamas is much more than you would have thought a Bahamas vacation to be.


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