Bahamas Resorts on Inagua

Inagua, Bahamas Out Islands

If you’re setting out to explore the wild island of Inagua, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of charming Bahamas resorts for you to choose from. Below are the places that can help you experience the island ambiance you have been craving for:

Pelican Point Resort

If you’re in for an avian sight-seeing escapade by the sea during your Bahamas vacation, the Pelican Point Resort is the ideal place for you to stay at. An increasing number of Bahamas resorts are catering to vacationers who opt for eco-resorts. This resort is one of them. It is the home of 30 perch species as well as water birds that are indigenous to the island.

Pelican Point Resort guests have four island-inspired cabins to choose from. Two of which are good for double occupancy and the other two are reserved for single occupancy. The rates of this Bahamas Out Islands resort may vary depending on the number of days the cabins are booked for.


$65-85/cabin per day

$200-225/cabin for 3 nights on weekends

$395-475/cabin for 7 nights

$1000-1500/cabin for a month


Gaga’s Nest

Feel like trying out a ranch-type of resort during your Bahamas vacation? Then, Gaga’s Nest is the perfect resort for you! Among the resorts in the Bahamas which offers comfort and functionality away from home, Gaga’s Nest is one of the best. Their rooms are fully furnished. So, you can expect fully air-conditioned rooms, a TV and a cozy living room similar to that of a real-life ranch house. All 5 rooms have their own bathroom, one double and one single-typed beds; the kitchen and the living room are shared.


$85/room per day (double occupancy)


Enrica’s Inn

Enrica’s Inn is characterized by two side-by-side vacation houses. It has a kitchen and a common living room in each house. It offers rooms with full air-conditioning and a TV set, and most rooms have two double beds. This resort is actually a tropical paradise where you can also hold private events and gatherings.

Staying at Enrica’s Inn makes strolling around the entire Inagua Island very easy. This is because it is one of those Bahamas resorts that are accessible to both the airport and the seaport. Both ports are less than a mile away from Enrica’s Inn. An awesome beach is just walking distance from this resort. With tons of things to see and do on the island, staying at a central location can help you make the most out of your vacation.


$85/room per day (double occupancy)


Morton House

At the center of the town lies the Morton House. It is situated near the famous Morton Salt House and an old general store. Some call it Main House. It is near the island’s post office, bank, tennis court, and the Erickson Library and Museum.

For more than 30 years now, Morton Bahamas Ltd. has been efficiently running Morton House. Thanks to their operator’s experience and the dedication of their staff, this resort offers top-quality service. The reputation of Inagua as having one of the most sought-after Bahamas resorts in the Bahamas Out Islands is attributed to them.

Guests can expect to have air-conditioning, a TV, a refrigerator and in-suite installed bathrooms for each of their rooms. The resort has six rooms, five of which have two queen-size beds while the remaining room has a king-size bed.


$70-95/room per night (double occupancy)
Staying at one of the Bahamas resorts in Inaugua doesn’t prohibit you from checking out another. If you intend to stay for more than a week on this beautiful island, feel free to roam around, check out all the above recommended accommodations, and decide which of the Bahamas resorts in Inagua is for you.


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