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If you intend to pay the islands of the Bahamas a visit, it certainly makes sense to check out the flag carrier — Bahamasair. With so many islands to explore and so little time, taking a plane is the best way for you to get from mainland U.S. to the Bahamas or even from the capital, Nassau, to the other islands.

History of Bahamas’ Flag Carrier

Shortly after the Bahamas government was put in place, Bahamasair was founded. It became clear that a safe, fast, and reliable mode of transport from one island to another had become an urgent need. This led to the creation of the nation’s flag carrier in the year 1973. At this time, the primary objective was to ensure easy movement between the capital, Nassau, and the rest of the islands. However, the need of the Bahamas to have its own airline to support the tourism industry was also evident. To make a long story short, two private entities — Out Island Fairways and Flamingo Airways — merged to form Bahamasair Holding Limited, which is completely under government management.


Bahamasair Destinations

Flights to Bahamas from different points in the United States steadily increased over the 80’s, with flights from Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. This has made the Bahamas dream vacation even more accessible to the international community. In fact, Bahamasair also offers flights to Bahamas from Turks & Caicos and Cuba.

Of course, getting from one Bahamas airport to another has been made much more convenient by this airline. With flights from Nassau to Cat Island, Long Island, and Eleuthera, guests are able to make the most out of their vacation time. Other Bahamas airport access points are located on Abaco, Grand Bahama, Exuma islands, Inagua, Mayaguana, San Salvador, and Crooked Island.


Bahamasair: Beyond Flight

Bahamasair’s growth may have been slow in comparison to the giants of the industry, but it has certainly evolved substantially. It is, in fact, possible to charter a flight with the airline for groups of 35-50 or 100-120. Today, it is poised to develop more than ever, as the Bahamas government recognizes its crucial role in the tourism industry and seeks to introduce more improvements over the next few years. Aside from aircraft improvements, it has also improved online booking processes and is strengthening its relationship with Mauritius while Nassau is developed as a hub. With these efforts to revitalize the industry, there is no doubt of Bahamasair’s role in supporting the lifeline of the islands — regional and international tourism.

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