Beaches on Cat Island Bahamas

Cat Island Bahamas beach

Undeniably, the secluded and pristine white and pink sand beaches on Cat Island Bahamas are perfect for those who prefer privacy during their Bahamas vacation. And there are quite a number of these little slices of paradise to choose from.

Public Beaches on Cat Island Bahamas:

Fountain Bay Beach

This Cat Island Bahamas beach is located near the Bridge Inn and is perfect for those who love seclusion, breathtaking scenery, and loads of natural wonders. Its name actually comes from the fact that there is an in-ground natural fountain near the bone fish flats. Naturally, with bone fish flats in the area, you can be assured of enjoying some great fishing adventures. Those who want to explore the marine life underwater can also do so since there is a shallow lagoon right near the beach. The reefs are great for snorkeling and the beach is safe for kids of all ages.


New Bight Beach

Want to immerse yourself in the local culture? New Bight Beach, located near the Government Administration building, is one of the most popular in Cat Island Bahamas. This Bahamas beach is always full of activity where locals holding weekend dances and holiday picnics. And if you love regattas, you’re in for a treat at this Bahamas beach. The Annual Cat Island Regatta takes place at New Bight Beach so be sure to drop by if you’re on the island!


Old Bight Beach

Located in the town of Old Blight, this little slice of paradise in Cat Island Bahamas is perfect for those who want some quiet time alone. The beach stretches for five miles with pure white sand and clear blue waters making it a welcome retreat for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city. It’s the perfect place to relax under the sun, enjoy a quiet and romantic picnic, and even do a bit of shelling on the side.


Private Beaches on Cat Island Bahamas:

Beach at Fernandez Bay Village

Stretching for one mile along the entire length of the bay, this private Bahamas beach is perfect for relaxing. The line of Casurina trees along the shore provides the perfect shade for guests. The clear turquoise waters are refreshingly cool and the view is spectacular, especially sunsets.


Beach at Greenwood Beach Resort

Guests of the resort can enjoy perfect pink sand beach that is eight miles long and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is quite secluded and perfect for those who want to simply relax and bask under the warm Caribbean sun. Even with fellow guests around, you can walk around the beach and not see another person who may disturb your need for solitude. Guests are able to choose their own private spot to sit and relax or snorkel and enjoy the wonders of marine life.


Beach at Pigeon Cay

Located at the Northern part of Cat Island Bahamas near the settlement of Bluff, this private beach is three miles long with soft, white sand and clear blue waters. Like many of the beaches on the island, this is truly spectacular as well as secluded. Guests are able to enjoy peace and quiet while they relax and unwind at the beach.


Beach at Sammy T’s Beach Resort

Guests at this Cat Island Bahamas resort have the privilege of enjoying the ½ mile stretch of pink sand beach nestled within a cove in Bennett’s Harbour. The area is quite secluded and the resort is small so guests don’t need to worry about crowds while they enjoy lounging under the sun. The waters are clear and refreshing, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and even sailing.


Other pristine beaches you might want to visit while on Cat Island Bahamas include Port Royal Beach, Pine Bat Beach, Turtle Cove Beach, Alligator Bay Beach, Orange Creek Beach, Oyster Lake Beach, Man O’ War Point Beach, Camperdown Beach, and North Shore Beach. There are also public beaches near some Bahamas resorts such as Hawk’s Nest Resort & Marina and Island HoppInn.




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