Beaches on San Salvador, Bahamas

Grotto Beach on San Salvador Bahamas

San Salvador, Bahamas is truly a haven for vacationers, not just because of the amazing Bahamas diving spots surrounding it, but also because of the lovely beaches that serve as one of its main attractions. Fabulous beaches are part of any Bahamas vacation and the quiet and pristine ones on this island will surely make yours a truly memorable one.

Bonefish Bay

This Bahamas beach was named as such because of the plentiful bonefish in the area. If you intend to stay at Club Med, then you have immediate access to one of the most popular beaches on San Salvador, Bahamas.

Grotto Beach

Grotto Beach, which is located at Sandy Point, is a good choice if you want a secluded Bahamas beach. This area is also a great site for snorkelers as deep pools of water are formed by the waves during summer months.

East Beach

The East Beach, which stretches on for three miles, is another favorite among snorkelers. If you enjoy taking long and quiet walks or simply lounging about, this beach will not disappoint. The more adventurous, on the other hand, can explore the waters and even encounter a few sharks further along.

Snow Bay

Feel the sand and you’ll know why this beach is named after snow. Snow Bay, which is quite near Pigeon Creek, is one of the places in San Salvador, Bahamas where stunning turquoise waters wash over powder-fine white sand.

Long Bay

If you’re looking for a touch of history, then Long Bay Beach is for you. This is where Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Bahamas is remembered.

North Victoria Hill

Now if you think the water can’t get any clearer, you should check out North Victoria Hill, two miles from Club Med. Spending a day here might well be the highlight of your Bahamas vacation.

You may be well-travelled, but discovering the beaches on San Salvador, Bahamas is still something that you ought to include in your bucket list.


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