Best Bahamas Diving Spots

Lionfish - Bahamas Diving

Bahamas diving offers the best diving experience for both novice and expert divers.  Locals have even claimed that Bahamas is the Dive Capital of the World.   The Bahamas shorelines are usually about 20 feet deep which is great for snorkeling or scuba diving.  Their gulf stream is full of colorful and varied marine life that excites scuba divers and marine explorers. Of course, for diving enthusiasts, nothing will do but the best. So, here are the five most popular Bahamas diving sites that will provide you with the best scuba diving in the Bahamas.

Shark Wall – New Providence Island

Bahamas Diving at the Shark Wall, New Providence Island

One of the most stunning Bahamas scuba diving sites is the legendary Shark Wall located 10 miles or 16 kilometers off New Providence’s southwest coast. Divers will surely fall in-love with the colorful, incredible, and healthiest marine life and corals to be found here.  The most thrilling part in this fantastic Bahamas diving site near Nassau is that you get to swim with the sharks! If you want to have an adventure of a lifetime and are brave enough, you definitely need try this out.


Lucayan National Park – Grand Bahama

Bahamas Diving in Lucayan National Park

The Lucayan National Park is the site of a world-renowned Bahamas scuba diving site.  The park is the site where you can explore the longest underground freshwater cave system in the world that’s 9.5 kilometers long.  The cave has spiral staircases that allow visitors to access an underwater world filled with fish, eels, shrimps, and a species of crustaceans that you will not find anywhere else.



Bahamas Diving in Bimini

Aside from game fishing, Bimini is also famous for its magnificent diving sites.  Three miles or 5 kilometers offshore, you can see millions of attractive and colorful fishes.  You also get to see some blue holes, black-coral gardens, and an odd rock formation on the sea floor which locals believe to be an underwater road leading to the lost city of Atlantis.  Though this is a legend, some divers continue to explore the area to determine whether the speculations are true or a hoax. Divers may also check out the wreckage of the famous motorized yacht owned by Henry Ford.  The Sapona sank in the shallow waters off the coast of Bimini in 1929.


Theo’s Wreck – Grand Bahama Island

Bahamas Diving at Theo's Wreck, Grand Bahama

One of the best things about scuba diving in the Bahamas is the abundance of wreck sites to explore. Theo’s Wreck near Grand Bahama Island is 238-foot freighter that sank in 1982. It remains intact at a depth of 100 feet. Divers will enjoy seeing the varied marine life such as turtles, sharks, rays, and an assortment of fish. Sponges and black corals also cover the ship. The water is so clear most of the time that you’ll even get to see the ship’s hull from the water’s surface!


Tongue of the Ocean – Andros

Bahamas Diving at Andros Barrier Reef

Last, but certainly not the least, one of the most popular Bahamas diving destinations is Andros Bahamas because of its barrier reef, the third largest in the world. It is teeming with beautiful marine life and a great number of blue holes. The most exciting part of this site is when the reef drops to a depth of 6,000 feet into the Tongue of the Ocean, a deep ocean trench. The variety of exotic fish to be found here will definitely keep any diver occupied for hours on end.

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