Best Beaches on Eleuthera Bahamas

Secluded Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Life’s a beach. And on Eleuthera Bahamas, over 50 hidden beaches are there to convince you to take that long vacation you have been dreaming of. After all, who wouldn’t love spending time in some soft sand, warm sun, and cool waters? However, unless you want to spend a lifetime on your Bahamas vacation, perhaps cutting down to the most spectacular Bahamas beaches on the island is more practical. Now take a deep breath as we bring you the best beaches Eleuthera Bahamas can offer you.

Rainbow Bay Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Rainbow Bay Beach: Take a trip to the area between Gregory Town and Governor’s Harbour Airport and there you will find Rainbow Bay. This is, in fact, one of the most popular beaches on Eleuthera Bahamas and more often than not, you will find the parking lot full. Despite the crowd, there is a lot for you to enjoy and experience on this Bahamas beach:

  • Two beaches set below a cliff with space that’s ideal for one couple alone to enjoy
  • Great swimming for people of all ages; the water is always calm and shallow enough for kids to swim in.
  • The areas along the low cliffs and around the large rocks are great for snorkeling.


Ten Bay Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Ten Bay Beach: Though this is one of the prime beaches will ever see on Eleuthera Bahamas (also known as one of the most popular attractions on the island), you most likely find yourself alone on this slice of paradise. This Bahamas beach is known for its calm waters, spectacular sunsets, and hidden coves. Swimming is a favorite pastime here as kids and adults alike can enjoy the peaceful and shallow waters. Bonefishing is also a popular activity here as well as snorkeling.


Double Bay Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Double Bay Beach: Be sure to spend time in Double Bay where you could stay in their several exclusive houses sprawled along its coastline. Here’s what’s in store for you at this beach on Eleuthera Bahamas:

  • Firm sand where you could take a long walk no matter what time of day or night
  • Perfect spot for snorkeling or going on a conch shell hunt
  • Two shipwrecks that offer additional activity like snorkeling or spear fishing
  • Lots of swimming opportunity because of its shallow water level
  • Naturally shaded areas perfect for taking a break from the sun
  • Road accessibility


Jack's Bay Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Jack’s Bay Beach: If you want to have a beach to yourself then Jack’s Bay, the beach known to have a half moon shape, is what you’re looking for. The location is quite remote and there aren’t many houses in the area so it’s entirely possible to spend a day here and not meet anyone at all. At the mouth of the bay lies a strong breaker which protects the people who are swimming in the area from strong currents and waves. Be prepared to protect your skin from the sun as the beach has minimal shades for you to hide from the sun. You can still do a bit of snorkeling here though the waters tend to become shallow when the low tide comes in. Then again, the view and the solitude are enough to make this Eleuthera Bahamas beach one of the most memorable you’ll ever visit.


Lighthouse Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Lighthouse Beach: This is, by far, considered the best beach on Eleuthera Bahamas.  Though it is quite difficult to get to, it’s definitely more than worth the trip. The raw beauty of this beach will leave you breathless. There are lots of shaded areas made by the cliffs and Casuarina trees for you to choose from. The soft, pink sand and calm, shallow waters are enough reason to spend the day soaking up the beauty of this little slice of heaven. In addition to this, you can also expect the following:

  • Raised views of two beaches (Lighthouse Beach and Lighthouse Bay)
  • A long, wide trail of sand and water enabling you to find your own spot
  • Limestone and caves
  • Cool calm waters with little undercurrent, perfect for swimming with kids.
  • Snorkeling spots around the offshore reefs where you have a great chance of seeing manta rays
  • The old lighthouse plus cool rock formations that you can explore to your heart’s content

It is important to note that due to its location is at the southernmost point on the island, you will have to ensure that you have nothing else scheduled for the day to make the most out of your time there. Also, there are no buildings or houses in the area so be sure to bring your own refreshments and snacks.


Though these are by far the best beaches on Eleuthera Bahamas, there is no question that all the beaches on the island can be considered little paradises in the Caribbean. If you have time, make sure to visit the other amazing beaches on the island to make your Bahamas vacation truly memorable.




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