Best Cat Island Bahamas Resorts

Beach on Cat Island, Bahamas

Those in dire need of a vacation will certainly find what they need on Cat Island, Bahamas. Resorts on this island usually offer a wide variety of activities and will make you feel the genuine island vibe. Cat Island’s attractions are nothing to scoff at either. Here are some of the best places to stay at on Cat Island, Bahamas.

Fernandez Bay Village, Cat Island Bahamas

Aerial View of Fernandez Bay Village, Cat Island Bahamas

(photo courtesy of Fernandez Bay Village)

Fernandez Bay Village is a favorite among visitors to Cat Island, Bahamas because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its charming tiki bar is a relaxing spot to chill out with locals and other guests. You can dine on the terrace, take a break from the heat of the sun in the library, or get connected via Wi-Fi connection in the reception area.

While the ambiance of the place is more like a friend’s vacation house than a resort, its charms are actually a well-kept secret. Positioned perfectly for sunset-viewing, it is a romantic destination for honeymooners and lovers. In addition, Fernandez Bay Village is also one of the most family-friendly among the Cat Island, Bahamas resorts, as babysitting services are offered for families who want to engage in some of the island’s fun water adventures.


Shanna’s Cove Resort, Cat Island Bahamas

Shanna's Cove Resort, Cat Island Bahamas

Another great choice among the many Cat Island, Bahamas resorts is Shanna’s Cove Resort, best for those who are looking for a quiet area to spend their vacation. Each of the five bungalows is comfortable and charmingly decorated with flowers from the island. Another feature of this quaint Bahamas resort is the abundance of scrumptious food choices. This is the place to go if you want to appreciate the flavors of the islands.

Shanna’s Cove Resort also offers tours of Cat Island, Bahamas, and is fully-equipped to offer diving lessons to beginners and advanced divers alike. Furthermore, Shanna’s Bay is home to some amazing wrecks and diving spots, making this an ideal place for adventurous types and nature lovers.


Tail Winds Resort, Cat Island Bahamas

Tail Winds Resort, Cat Island Bahamas

(photo courtesy of Tail Winds Resort)

Another star among the resorts on Cat Island, Bahamas, Tail Winds Resort encompasses a relatively large property with a variety of features. Aside from its spa, from which you can view the Caribbean Sea, its villas also offer amazing views of the water. Of course, it’s always nice to lounge around the beaches of Cat Island, Bahamas, but why stop there when there are so many adventures to be had? Aside from diving and snorkeling, you can also go hiking to see the Blue Holes and bat caves. The resort also arranges trips to Mount Alvernia as well as excursions to the historic spot where Christopher Columbus first set foot on what was then known as the New World.


Hawk’s Nest Resort and Marina, Cat Island Bahamas

Hawk's Nest Resort & Marina, Cat Island Bahamas

(photo courtesy of Hawk’s Nest Resort & Marina)

Another excellent choice for those seeking to make the most of the trip is Hawk’s Nest Resort and Marina. It is one of the Bahamas resorts that you just have to visit, because aside from the lovely island accommodations, it also has its own marina. Each room has a beautiful view of the beach. Guests should also take advantage of the resort’s facilities and the many activities offered, such as sport-fishing, diving, and snorkeling. Boat-owners will be glad to know that the resort’s marina has all of the amenities they can hope for, and owners of private planes can make use of the private airstrip. Regular guests, on the other hand, can enjoy just watching all of this activity on one of the best resorts on Cat Island, Bahamas that you can find.


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