Best Diving Spots on Cat Island, Bahamas

Cat Island Bahamas Diving

Cat Island, Bahamas offers a variety of water activities for the adventurous traveler. If you like exploring new worlds, here are some Bahamas diving spots in the area that you should not miss.

First Basin Wall

One of the most well-known must-sees when scuba diving in the Bahamas, the First Basin Wall faces what is known as the Great Bahamas Bank. Its location makes it a strategic area for spotting a great variety of marine life, such as Eagle Rays and sharks. Be ready for depths of a hundred to two hundred feet.

There are many diving instructors who can guide relatively new divers, but since wall dives typically involve great depths, this spot is best for more advanced divers. Furthermore, the possibility of swimming with sharks requires divers in this area to be comfortable with their equipment and be knowledgeable in how to move around these creatures. If you really want to check this place out, it is best to consult with one of the many expert divers in Cat Island, Bahamas first.

The Tunnels

There is a wide range of possibilities for your Bahamas diving experience. The Tunnels present a more manageable option for new divers, since this may be reached by going through a shallow area, before going down to a depth of 30 feet. This doesn’t make the experience any less rewarding, though, because the impressive coral garden of this Cat Island, Bahamas diving spot is one you will not want to miss.

Cat Island’s Blue Hole

If you have been diving in the Bahamas for quite some time now, then you know that blue holes are one of the most popular spots around the different islands. The one closest to Cat Island, Bahamas is quite a sight to behold, with the abundance of large groupers and other fish. If you are lucky, you will also encounter some Caribbean Reef Sharks. This Bahamas diving spot is about 80 to a hundred feet deep. More experienced divers can make the most of this area.

Third Basin Reef Wall

The Third Basin Reef Wall is perhaps one of the most exciting wall dives off Cat Island, Bahamas. The drop is 110-130 feet deep and features amazing black corals as well as giant sponges. By virtue of its depth, this spot is recommended for experienced divers.

Santa Maria Teresa

Diving off Cat Island, Bahamas will not be complete without checking out the wreck of this 360-foot Spanish battleship. At a depth of 20-30 feet, it is a great experience for divers of all levels. Of course, beginners should be accompanied by expert guides who can help them make the most of their Cat Island, Bahamas diving experience.

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