Bimini Bahamas Attractions

Bimini Bahamas Attractions

Composed of three islands, each having diverse characteristics and a different appeal, the Bimini Bahamas island cluster is not just filled with beautiful beaches but also a collection of wonders waiting to be explored by the adventurous traveler. Whether gearing up for some fishing, yearning to search for the mysteries of nature, or just wanting to venture out on a laidback voyage on foot, visitors to Bimini Bahamas will be able to satisfy their thirst for a memorable island experience. And yes, they can even give in to that fleeting desire to search for the eternal Fountain of Youth while on their Bahamas vacation.


Top 5 Attractions in Bimini Bahamas:

• Bimini Road in North Bimini

Bimini Road - The Road to Atlantis

Ever wondered what it would feel like to navigate the road towards the lost world of the Atlantis? Book a boat tour and head out to Bimini Road, an underwater formation composed of two lines of large rocks laid out parallel to one another. The appearance of Bimini Road is said to be so interesting that French naval explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, intrigued by stories circulating about the rock formation, set out to explore and film it. Other marine scientists have since followed suit, but no one has offered a conclusive explanation of the existence of this rock formation that will surely give other Bahamas attractions a run for their money.

When setting out to explore this mysterious site in Bimini Bahamas, be advised that skin diving with just a snorkel gear is possible as the rock formations are built in shallow water and the emerald blue water in the area is almost crystal clear. Be prepared as well for the diverse marine life that has found a home in this natural wonder.


• Museums in Alice Town

Bimini Museum

Alice Town on North Bimini is the commercial and tourist hub of Bimini Bahamas. Visitors looking for a place to stay, eat and be merry, go to Alice Town with its abundance of hotels, restaurants and nightlife. But there is more to Alice Town than just the usual traveler’s needs.

For a sampling of the island’s historical relics, head to Bimini Museum on King’s Highway. The museum has a collection of island implements and memorabilia from famous visitors to Bimini Bahamas such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Adam Clayton Powell. For a serious Ernest Hemingway experience, visit the Hemingway House which displays a collection of the great writer’s works of literature and photography as well as a sprinkling of fishing implements he used when he was staying on the island in the 1930s.


• Bimini Nature Trail in South Bimini

Bimini Nature Trail

No Bahamas vacation would be complete without getting immersed in the richness of nature in the islands. The diversity of wildlife in Bimini Bahamas will keep most travelers in a frenzied dash to take them all in.

The 25-acre Bimini Nature Trail is the ultimate place to view and interact with the flora and fauna endemic to the island. While a guided tour can be arranged for a safer and more systematic exploration, a self-guided walking tour may be a more appealing option for those who want to explore the trail at their own pace. Be prepared to encounter the Bimini boa, South Bimini’s lone resident snake species; but do not run in the opposite direction when you do see it because it is not poisonous.


• Fountain of Youth in South Bimini

Fountain of Youth in Bimini Bahamas

Another major attraction in Bimini Bahamas is a natural well discovered by voyager Ponce de Leon in the 16th century. Believing that it holds the key to eternal youth, De Leon named the well “Fountain of Youth.” The well’s discoverer of course didn’t live forever, but many travelers to this day still visit the well to take their chance.


• Sapona wreck

Sapona Wreck in Bimini Bahamas

Every snorkeler and diver should have the Sapona ship wreck located 15 ft. below the water surface between Cat Cay and South Bimini on their list of top Bahamas attractions. Commissioned by Henry Ford in the zenith of the Roaring Twenties, this magnificent ship, and now amazing dive spot, was sunk by a strong hurricane in 1929. Divers can swim inside the wreck, which holds an abundance of marine life in and around it. The wreck site is best reached by boat which can be booked with any of the tour operators in South Bimini.


With its assortment of interesting places to visit, Bimini Bahamas does feels like a place where almost all that Bahamas can offer are packed into one interestingly versatile island.

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