Blue Lagoon, Bahamas

Blue Lagoon Bahamas

Blue Lagoon, Bahamas, otherwise known as Salt Cay, is just as charming as its name sounds. It has become a favorite among nature-lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Situated just three miles away from Nassau and home to a lovely Bahamas beach, it offers a great combination of secluded island living and easy access to modern conveniences.

History of Blue Lagoon

Beach at Blue Lagoon, Bahamas

In the late 19th century, the island was purchased from the British by Charles King-Harmon who later sold it to Sir Augustus John Adderley. Efforts to cultivate the land for farming were unsuccessful so the new owner, Abraham Van Winkle, developed the island and brought in an impressive variety of animal life for the enjoyment of the island’s guests. Ownership was then transferred to the McCutcheons who called it Treasure Island then passed on to L.A. Meister who developed the facilities and program for dolphin interactions.


Blue Lagoon’s Attractions and Activities

Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon, Bahamas

If you are staying in Nassau, visiting Blue Lagoon, Bahamas is a must. One of the most striking and photo-worthy structures is the tower at the entrance of the lagoon. It was once a wooden tower but has been replaced by a sturdier concrete building from which one can enjoy a stunning view. While you’re there, remember to check out John McCutcheon’s rock collection which features souvenirs taken from Napoleon’s grave, the Great Wall of China, and a number of other significant locations. To continue your sightseeing tour, visit the Main House with its cottages and the Custom House which used to be the main entry point of Blue Lagoon, Bahamas.

For an activity specific to the island, sign up for Dolphin Encounters. You can either swim with these friendly creatures or simple observe them from the dock as they splash about in the water. On the other hand, if you just want to relax, then nothing will calm you down like lounging on the pristine Bahamas beach on this small island that is equally as stunning as those found on Abaco Bahamas. Blue Lagoon, Bahamas is also a dream destination for engaged couples and companies looking for a fitting reward for their high-performing employees.

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