BTC Bahamas: A New Approach to Business in Grand Bahama

BTC Bahamas Grand Opening in Bimini

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company or BTC Bahamas just recently opened its newest retail center in the Seahorse Plaza in Grand Bahama.   There are lots of developments and positive changes that are expected in the retail environment of the said place.  This progress promises a jovial and optimistic retail experience for the people because it offers top quality smartphones and other types of products in a beautifully decorated location.

What’s in Store for Seahorse Plaza in Grand Bahama?

The Bahamas News reported that the whole day event last Saturday, the 7th of July, was full of great entertainment and food.  The re-opening of the Seahorse Plaza and the much anticipated launching of the 4G connection speed on the island were the main highlights of the event.  Michael Laing, the Grand Bahama Manager and Tellis Symonette, BTC Senior VP and Commercial and Family Islands, led the said event.

Bob Gill, the retail lead explained that the “re-opening of the Seahorse Plaza marked a complete demolition and renovation.”  The newly built retail store signifies a great improvement of business in the area.  The 1900-square foot building is packed with lots of sophisticated and high-end wireless products, original and vibrantly colored art works and more.

The retail store presents a dramatic change between the past and the present when it comes to their business approach.  The newly hired personnel are trained to provide excellent customer service by providing a more hospitable approach to clients.  Their main objective is to create an interactive experience for the staff and clients.

They want to channel a more friendly business approach that will promote the company’s service including mobile apps, video, games, and many others. They also want to offer various mobile service plans to the public including the broadband and the fixed line services. Jerome Sawyer, the BTC Public Relations and Manager, also said that the infusion of the BTC’s project in the area not only presents an improvement but also signifies the commitment of the company in the progress of Grand Bahama.

The launching of 4G offers the fastest internet speed for downloads and uploads that will help make the area more attractive for business.  It is remarkable to note that there are still many areas in the U.S. that are years behind in going 4G while the local area in Bahamas is already fully blanketed with 4G technology. The Seahorse Plaza is just one of the latest when it comes to a series of transformations and rebuilds across the country.

There are more administrative spaces that are being developed to have wireless or fixed line options. BTC Bahamas invested $2 million in this chain of stores and they are expecting to spend $8 million more when they complete the entire stores throughout the Bahamas Islands.  As a matter of fact, BTC Bahamas also opened stores in Nassau and Exuma where customers can experience downloads, video, games, and other features using different headsets before they can select any plan or instrument.

Recently, BTC Bahamas also launched 4G in the Berry Islands, Abaco, and Bimini Bahamas.  Seahorse Plaza is one of the 11 stores that the leading telecom company completed or just recently opened since the first Mall that was opened at Marathon, Nassau. Truly, the development in Bahamas opens new doors for more businesses to pour into the country.



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