Carnival Cruise’s Nassau Bahamas Excursions

Carnival Sensation in Nassau Bahamas

While you are booking your trip to Bahamas with Carnival Cruise, one of the best cruises to Bahamas, take time to check out their Nassau Bahamas excursions. This is because joining one of their excursions in Nassau Bahamas will give you a chance to experience the adventures that Nassau has to offer. Some of Carnival Cruise’s Nassau Bahamas excursions have minimum age requirements but the following excursions are open to all ages:

Nassau Bahamas Excursion: Atlantis Beach Day & Discover Atlantis

The Dig aquariums - Atlantis Resort Nassau Bahamas Excursion

If you choose this among the excursions in Nassau Bahamas, you will get a chance to experience the enchantment and understand the reasons why people stay at the Atlantis resort. When you get to the resort, immediately head to “The Dig”. There you will see man-made underwater archeological ruins. As you explore the ruins, put on your Indiana Jones hat and pretend to be an archeologist exploring the “lost city” of Atlantis. After you’ve had your fill of archeological explorations, put on your hottest swimwear, grab a beach chair and a towel, then sun bathe or take a dip in one of the wonderful beaches of Atlantis Resort. You will have 5-8 hours to enjoy this excursion.

Prices: $99.99 (Adult); $79.99 (Child)


Nassau Bahamas Excursion: Discover Nassau & Beach

Queen's Staircase, Nassau, Bahamas

This excursion is perfect for those who want to learn more about the history and heritage of Nassau. You will need about three hours for this excursion. It includes a guided bus tour that will drive you around historical places of the largest city in the Bahamas. After which, you will be given an opportunity to enjoy one of their local beaches where you can either laze around or swim in their clear waters.

Prices: $55.99 (Adult); $25.99 (Child)


Nassau Bahamas Excursion: Ardastra Gardens & City Tour

Marching Flamingos in Ardastra Gardens, Nassau Bahamas

Among the Nassau Bahamas excursions, this is the perfect choice for animal lovers. For a total of two and a half hours, day-trippers get to tour around the city and the Ardastra Gardens. You will find hundreds of animals, including the protected animals of Bahamas, in the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center. Inquire about the schedule of their one-of-a-kind trained flamingo show and be there in time to watch it. During the guided city tour, you will be driven to significant places in Nassau such as Fort Fincastle and the Queen’s staircase. You will also be driven to the Straw Market where you can purchase some souvenirs and other touristy stuff.

Prices: $49.99 (Adult); $39.99 (Child)


Nassau Bahamas Excursion: Historical Highlights Tour

Nassau Bahamas Excursion- Parliament Square

For the history buffs, this is what they should choose among the Nassau Bahamas excursions. This two-hour excursion is a guided tour around Nassau’s historical places. Your taxi van will first take you to the Queen’s Staircase, Water Tower, and Fort Fincastle (the latter two are located at the top of the Staircase). Then you will drive by Parliament Square, the Governor’s Mansion, Gregory’s Arch, and other historical places.  Your tour escort will tell you relevant information about these historically significant places.

Prices: $49.99 (Adult); $49.99 (Child)


Nassau Bahamas Excursion: Pirates of Nassau & Historical Highlights Tour

Nassau Bahamas Excursion Pirates of Nassau

One of the interesting facts about Nassau is that it has a rich pirate history. During the early 1700’s, Nassau was a pirate’s sanctuary. “Blackbeard”, the most infamous pirate of the Caribbean himself, used to reside here. On this tour, not only will you get to see a great deal of historical sites, you will also get a tour in Pirates of Nassau – a pirate museum. You’ll enjoy a guided tour in the museum, learn about how the pirates live, and even see a replica of a pirate’s ship. This interactive museum could easily be the best pirate museum in the world.

Prices: $54.99 (Adult); $54.99 (Child)

Check out Carnival Cruise’s website to find out more about their Nassau Bahamas excursions.

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