Diving in Abaco Bahamas

Diving in Abaco Bahamas

Abaco Bahamas is the sailing capital of the world. However, this doesn’t mean that diving enthusiasts should take this marvelous place off their Bahamas vacation itinerary. Divers who head here for the first time will be surprised by how much Abaco has to offer when it comes to Bahamas diving.

One of the advantages of Bahamas diving in Abaco is the proximity of its dive sites. In fact, some can be reached by simply walking or going on a short boat ride. Abaco Bahamas offers different types of dive sites. It has caverns (large underground caves), blue holes (underwater sinkholes), ship wrecks, reefs, and a mini wall (underwater cliff face) for novice and expert divers to explore.


Top 5 Abaco Bahamas Dive Sites:

  • Fowl Cay Government Preserve

This national reserve park is located at the north of Man-O-War Cay. It boasts of multicolored coral reefs and rich marine life. Its depth ranges between 30 to 98 feet. Whether you are a novice or an expert diver who wants to dive at night or during day time, you can expect to enjoy swimming with sharks, sting rays, and different varieties of fish in the tunnels and coral towers.

  •  Guana Coral Caverns

Guana Coral Caverns is situated in Guana Cay. The vibrant coral gardens and other marine creatures at this dive site are captivating. Have a grand time exploring its various tunnels and caverns.  Visibility is low to zero in many of these caves. This is, therefore, not a dive site for beginners. Dive this site only if you have an expert guide with you.

  •  The Cathedral

The Cathedral is located near the exclusive island of Scotland Cay. Its enormous caverns are shaped like the ceilings of a cathedral thus its name. It has large holes above it so visibility is good in this dive site. Beginners can have lots of fun in this site since its depth ranges between 20 to 40 feet.

  •  Sandy Cay Government Preserve

Sandy Cay is one of the four small cays of the Pelican Cay National Land and Sea Park protected by the Bahamas government. This cay is said to be the home of the world’s largest stand of elkhorn coral – named as such for its elk antler-like structure. Sandy Cay is filled with stunning coral reef and an assortment of aquatic life. It is a shallow dive site (no deeper than 30 feet). It is, therefore, ideal for first-time divers.

  •  The Adirondack

Check out the scattered ruins of a sunken gunship called USS Adirondack at the northeast of Man-O-war Cay. Since it sank in Abaco Bahamas, it has become the sanctuary of diverse marine inhabitants. Because it is resting only 30 feet under water, divers have a great chance to see the sights of the historic wreck with ease.


Those who plan to visit Abaco on their next Bahamas vacation should include taking diving instructions on their to-do-list. Abaco has internationally accredited dive centers with world class professional dive instructors. They have diving courses for beginners and advanced divers and they also offer specialty courses. The most popular courses are at Brendal’s Dive Center, Dive Abaco, and Above and Below Abaco. Check out the websites of these Abaco Bahamas dive centers for more details.


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