Diving Spots on Andros Bahamas

Andros Bahamas Marine Life

Andros Bahamas is the largest inhabited archipelago in the Bahamas. It is considered to be “the bonefish capital of the world.” In addition, diving aficionados are starting to recognize the fact that Andros Island Bahamas has some of the most amazing dive sites the world. This does not come as a surprise since Andros Island Bahamas is the home of the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world.

Bahamas diving around this area offers a great blend of underwater habitats and inhabitants, as well as well-balanced ecosystems. As a result, it has numerous spectacular dive sites for all kinds of dives. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, below are some diving sites on Andros Bahamas that you should not miss out on:


Red Shoal

This Bahamas diving site is located west of the U.S. naval base. Red Shoal is a first-rate shallow dive site. Though it is less than five meters deep, divers will have a grand time looking at massive, colorful schools of grunts and plenty of deep rusty red Acropora palmata (a.k.a. Elkhorn) corals. Red Shoal is named as such because of the color of the shoal’s Elkhorn corals.


Love Hill

Also, less than five meters deep, this Andros Bahamas shallow dive site is situated on the ridge of the W-shaped reef close to Love Hill Beach. Divers will definitely be able to take loads of great photos as they wander around the dive site’s various rainbow-colored coral formations such as brain, fan, and Elkhorn.


End of the Reef

This six-meter dive site is located on the ridge of the reef. End of the Reef is ideal for beginners. Its best selling point is Ariel’s Garden – a stunning swim-through pocket that resulted from huge formations of Elkhorn.


Trumpet Reef

Located near Hump Cay; this shallow (around eight meters deep) dive site in Andros Bahamas is the home of huge coral heads such as brain coral, fire coral, and Elkhorn coral. It is named Trumpet Reef because it has a good assortment of trumpet fish. Aside from diving, this reef is also ideal for snorkeling. More experienced divers, who may want to go to deeper waters, can swim towards its neighboring coral garden dive site called Peter’s Mystery Special.


Leiben’s Point

According to history, this was once where pirates lit camp fires to lure boats into running aground. They would then plunder the boats. Legend has it that Captain Leiben was infamous for this thus the site is named after him. Leiben’s Point is a marvelous and flourishing shallow reef. Head north of Small Hope Bay and you will find this nine-meter-deep reef. As you swim in this Andros Bahamas dive site, its young reef fish and lush pillar coral, which is quite rare, will take your breath away.


Whether you’re staying at a resort on Andros Bahamas or just stopping by for the day, a visit to any of these amazing dive spots simply must not be missed.

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