Explore Nature on Eleuthera, Bahamas

North Eleuthera, Bahamas

Despite the abundance of stunning beaches and impressive natural beauty among the islands, Eleuthera, Bahamas is still distinguished in many ways among its surrounding isles. It may only be two miles wide, but its entire stretch is lined with beaches of pink and white sand, cliffs, and sprinkled with pineapple plantations. Aptly named after the Greek term for “freedom,” this is the perfect site for your Bahamas vacation if you are looking for pristine natural beauty and a secluded island getaway. Of course, discovering the natural wonders of the island is part of the package.

The Cow and Bull Rock Formation on Eleuthera Bahamas

One of the adventures you should try during your Bahamas vacation is cave exploration. Preacher’s Cave on Eleuthera, Bahamas is ideal, because it does not only provide an opportunity for exploration, but also provides a peek into the history of the island. An altar was built in this cave and believers held vigils here. If land formations pique your interest, then perhaps you should also visit The Cow and The Bull. These are large boulders that have been named as such due to similarities in appearance to the actual animals they were named after. Hopefully, though, you won’t get to hear the sound of bulls that resounds in this area during times of bad weather and strong winds.


Lighthouse Beach on Eleuthera Bahamas

Much of the charm of Eleuthera, Bahamas comes from its lovely beaches, but perhaps one of the most stunning is Lighthouse Beach, which is a quiet area blanketed in pink sand. You can either just lounge about and enjoy the beauty of the location or go snorkeling right off the beach. Another interesting natural wonder, not just on Eleuthera, but in the Bahamas, is Ocean Hole. The depth of this limestone formation is undetermined, and the waters are home to an impressive selection of fish and turtles. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can even try the water out for its supposed healing properties.


The Glass Window Bridge on Eleuthera Bahamas

For a truly amazing sight during your vacation in the Bahamas, make sure you check out what is perhaps the most impressive wonder and tourist attraction on Eleuthera: the Glass Window Bridge. This rock formation is about 30 feet in width. From here, you will be able to see the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Exuma Sound on the other. Nature is clearly the star of the show on Eleuthera, Bahamas which is why it is one of the most famous among the islands.


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