Explore the Untamed Andros Bahamas

View of Andros Bahamas from the lighthouse

Andros Bahamas is the ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy secluded beaches, water sports, nature, or just some simple R&R.  This island is the largest island in the country but also the least developed, with many areas remaining unspoiled by the progress of civilization.  Because of the sparse development of the island, it is often called the true natural wonder of the Bahamas.

Andros Bahamas: the Best Getaway for Nature Lovers

Osprey in Andros Bahamas

Anyone who wishes to get closer to the wonders of nature will get their fill in Andros island Bahamas. Its topography is quite diverse with many species of flora and fauna that are quite unique to the island. Nature lovers will be amazed by the wild orchids, pine trees, rare birds, iguanas, and even land crabs that flourish in the unspoiled beauty of the area. Bird watching and eco-tours are one of the best ways to experience and explore the incredible environment of Andros Bahamas. The lack of development also enables tourists to enjoy the beautiful night sky, unspoiled by civilization’s lights and pollution. Shooting stars are a common occurrence and can truly light up the evening.

Andros Bahamas: A Sportsman’s Haven

Diving in Andros Bahamas

Divers and snorkelers are also in for a treat. Underwater caves and coral reefs abound there providing them with endless entertainment. Various marine life such as whales, dolphins, and marlin can be found along the coasts of Andros island Bahamas. The world’s third largest barrier reef is also located next to the island. Blue holes, the entrances to the complex cave systems that run beneath the island as well as the sea floor, are quite numerous there and offer amazing diving experiences. Swimming through the vast halls underground and the cracks along the rocks can be an exhilarating experience.

Travel to Andros Bahamas on a sailboat

Cruising the “Bahama Blue” waters as you travel to Bahamas is one of the best ways to see some of the scenic views of the island. The crystal clear water teeming with marine life is a sight to behold. The island has numerous lakes, creeks, and rivers that can be quite challenging to navigate through but can provide sailors with a thrilling adventure.

Fly fishing off Swain's Cay on Andros Island, Bahamas

Many who travel to Bahamas for a spot of fishing will also fall in love with the island as it is considered the “Bonefishing Capital of the world.” The many inland waterways and flats in and around the island create the best fishing conditions for tourists looking to catch some bonefish and tarpon. Deep sea fishing, reef fishing, and fly fishing are also available here for fishermen looking for more diversity on their fishing trip.


The island has a lot to offer for anyone who wants the adventure of a lifetime or simply needing to get away from the stress of daily life. From lazing away at secluded beaches, hiking on the nature trails, chatting up the locals, or seeing the different sights on the island, Andros Bahamas can and will provide you with a truly extraordinary vacation.


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