Getting to Know the People of Bahamas

People of Bahamas

Majority of the people who live in the Bahamas are of African descent because the islands served as a trading post for slaves back in the day. The minority of the locals is of European descent, their ancestors being among the first settlers in the Bahamas who were mostly sailors or pirates. Many of the families have lived on these islands for centuries. Bahamians are known to be a very hospitable and welcoming people. The locals are actually one of the main reasons tourists love visiting the islands. Aside from the outstanding sceneries and beaches, tourists enjoy their stay in the Bahamas because of the accommodating treatment they get from the locals. Bahamians take pride in this as there is rarely any other culture as inviting as theirs.

Bahamian Society

People of Bahamas

Like any other society, people from the Bahamas are also divided into different social classes.  People from the upper class mainly consist of business tycoons, Bahamas government officials, and professionals while the middle class is comprised of civil servants and SME business owners. Both upper and middle class people reside in the bustling area of Paradise Island. The lower class in Bahamian society makes up most of the population. Farmers, carpenters, fishermen, and other physically-demanding professions are part of the lower class. Lastly, there is the underclass. Refugees from Haiti and unemployed members of society are part of this class.


Language and Religion of Bahamas Locals

Nassau - Christ Church Cathedral

The official language in Bahamas is English though various dialects are also present. Conversing with the locals is easy though they often use idioms and slang words that tourists are unfamiliar with. For example, “day clean” is used to mean “daybreak” and “tarpree” means low class or gullible. As for religion, while the majority of the people practice Christianity, different types of beliefs are tolerated here.


Bahamas Celebrations and Traditions


Bahamas celebrations are widely known to be very festive occasions. Bahamians take pride in their rich culture and celebrate milestones with the utmost delight. Among the several festivals they celebrate, the Junkanoo Festival is the most associated with the island as it is a celebration of African heritage. It is a Mardi Gras-style activity wherein colorful headdresses with intricate designs are worn by the locals. They celebrate the remaining hours of  New Year’s Eve by dancing and prancing along the streets of Nassau or Paradise Island. Other major celebrations include the New Year’s Day Sailing Regatta, Independence Week, and Guy Fawkes Day.


As you can see, the people of the Bahamas are very merry and friendly which makes them a pleasure to be with. You will definitely feel the warmth and affection of the locals when visiting their land. The great thing about the people of these islands is that no matter what country you come from, you will still feel at home among them. If you’re looking for a worthwhile vacation, the Bahamas is the place to visit.

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