How to Enjoy a Cheap Bahamas Vacation

A Bahamas Vacation on Paradise Island

While many would think that going to the Bahamas would entail spending loads of money, a cheap Bahamas vacation is actually possible. There are quite a number of ways that you can enjoy vacationing on this island paradise even if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some tips on how you can find pleasure on your cheap Bahamas vacation:

#1: Get one of the Bahamas all inclusive packages

Because Bahamas is a popular destination among tourists, many resorts actually offer Bahamas all inclusive packages to entice more guests. These kinds of deals are a great way to save on money because the price of everything is rolled into one and made lower. The best thing about packages is that you’ll still being able to enjoy quality accommodations, transportation, activities, and even food. In addition, you’ll get to save some time and effort from having to look for and book each and every one of your travel requirements.


#2: Stay at Bahamas resorts that offer freebies

There are plenty of resorts that offer activities, food, and the use of their facilities for free. A cheap Bahamas vacation doesn’t have to mean staying at a seedy hotel. You can book yourselves into a first class place that has a great deal of amenities and facilities offered for free.  Staying at the Atlantis Resort, while a bit pricey, can actually save you a good deal of money since they are a full-service resort. This means that you have full access to their water parks, marine habitats, and private beach for free and you would not need to go out and pay exorbitant fees to find activities for you and your group to enjoy. Other Bahamas resorts may offer free use of their watersports equipment and complimentary breakfast. Little things like these can go a long way to helping you have that cheap Bahamas vacation you’re looking for.


#3: Look for discounts  or promos offered by Bahamas tour guides

There’s a great deal to explore in the Bahamas and going on tours is probably part of your itinerary. If so, you’ll need to first look around at what kinds of tours are offered and list down what might interest you. After, you can search for current discounts or promos being offered by the tour guides and see which ones fit your budget. You can also opt to call the resort you’ll be staying at and ask for suggestions on what would be a great way to tour the area without having to spend too much money.


#4: Bring some food on your Bahamas vacation

While Bahamian food is really a treat, eating out every day will turn your cheap Bahamas vacation into an extremely expensive one. Fortunately, you can bring some food onto the islands to save you some much needed moolah. You can still go ahead and taste some Bahamian cuisine but it pays to have some of your own.


#5: Ask around for budget-friendly Bahamas restaurants

Like in any other country in the world, the best Bahamas restaurants range from high class to budget-friendly and casual. You don’t really have to pay through your nose to enjoy some Bahamian fare like Cracked Conch or some other fresh seafood. There are lots of little restaurants that offer tasty meals that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You’ll find loads of reviews of the different restaurants in the Bahamas online. It’s all a matter of Googling it.


It doesn’t take a lot of money to truly enjoy a trip to the Bahamas. A cheap Bahamas vacation can definitely still be an unforgettable one.

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