Long Island Bahamas

History of the Long Island

Columbus Monument on Long Island, Bahamas

The history of Long Island Bahamas dates farther than 1492 when Christopher Columbus rechristened the island to Fernandina.  The original name of the island was Yuma which was given by the Lucayan Taino tribe who were the original settlers of Long Island Bahamas. Archeologists were able to find ceremonial tools called “duhos”, used by the Lucayans, inside the caves on the island. The natives died out though when they were taken as slaves by the Spanish to work in Hispaniola and Cuba. Years later, Loyalists settled on the island and cultivated plantations as well as raised cattle and sheep.  While the farms flourished, the plantations did not. Today, there are many ruins of the said plantations that tourists can visit to get a peek into the island’s history.  There are also descendants of these families that still live on Long Island Bahamas.

The Locals of Long Island, Bahamas

Locals of Long Island Bahamas

There are around 4,000 people living on the island, some of whom are the original descendants of the people in the slave plantations. Others are descendants of slaves taken there by the British after slavery was abolished. Some of the locals are Europeans and Americans who have decided to live on Long Island Bahamas. All of the locals are known for being hardworking and friendly. The major settlement is Deadman’s Cay where their busiest airport is located, serviced by several airlines including Bahamasair. Other settlements on the island can be found from the northern tip all the way to the southern part of the island. Different types of livelihood are present on the island, from farming to salt processing, fishing to tourism. Long Island Bahamas is known for being the premier livestock-rearing island in the country, particularly for goats, pigs, and sheep. One fun fact about these Bahamas locals is that they are known to be the most physically attractive of all Bahamians.

Long Island Bahamas Resorts and Real Estate Properties

Kayaking at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas, Long Island, Bahamas

Long Island is home to some of the best Bahamas resorts.  As a matter of fact, the Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas is a winner of Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award for 2012, #5 in the top 25 category. The resort has several villas and bungalows right in front of Cape Santa Maria beach, considered to be Bahamas’ most beautiful beach. Other accommodations found on the island range from rustic, charming wooden huts to luxurious rooms, apartments, cottages, and villas. Whatever floats your boat will definitely be found here.

If you intend to stay longer or even live on the island, you can also find Long Island Bahamas Real Estate property for sale. Properties range from completely developed land with cable, electricity, and paved roads running through them to remote, untouched ones in the beautiful wilderness of Long Island Bahamas. If you need any information regarding Long Island Bahamas Real Estate, you can easily contact a licensed real estate agent for consulting services.  Any local agent can help you look over all the properties that suit your needs and inform you about other basic information that you might want to know.

Attractions on Long Island Bahamas

Dean's Blue Hole in Clarence Town, Long Island

There are a lot of outstanding places to see and things to do on Long Island Bahamas, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean.  A must see destination on the island is the legendary Dean’s Blue Hole in ClarenceTown.  It is the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world where divers from around the globe visit year round. You can also enjoy the fabulous beach of Cape Santa Maria or any of the other amazing beaches found all along the island.  You can check out the prehistoric drawings and artifacts in the ancient cave systems or tour the ruins of old plantations from the 1800s. The west coastline of the island offers some fantastic bonefishing. Other must see places include Columbus Point, Conception Island, Shark Reef, Max’s Conch Bar, and Crooked Island Caves.

With all the great things offered on this island, why don’t you jump on the next Bahamasair flight and get started on your Long Island Bahamas vacation?


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