Marsh Harbor Bahamas

Marsh Harbor Bahamas

Imagine a place where you could enjoy the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze of the ocean, and the tickling sensation of soft, white sand. Thankfully, that kind of paradise doesn’t have to remain in our imaginations. All that and more can actually be found at Marsh Harbor Bahamas.

Marsh Harbor Bahamas is the center of Abaco Bahamas with a population of nearly 6,000. It is deemed to be the third largest town on the island. The people living in this town are known to be friendly and accommodating especially to first time visitors. In fact, coming from the airport, friendly taxi cab drivers are a mine of information for any traveler. This is a promising place where you can spend a whole lot of fun while relaxing in one of the serene yet modernized Bahamas resorts found within the town.

History of Marsh Harbor Bahamas

The history about the first inhabitants of Marsh Harbor Bahamas is a bit vague. It is believed that during the era of Christopher Columbus sometime in 1492, it was the Arawakan people who lived in the town. The Spaniards met them and they were deemed to be peaceful residents. Unfortunately for the Arawakan people, they were transported by the Spaniards elsewhere to serve as slaves. Thus, the area was largely uninhabited until the arrival of a group of about 600 loyalists who settled on the island, forming the first settlement now known as Hope Town. There was some dissent amongst the settlers which led to some of them to move to another area on the island and found another town, Marsh Harbor.


Things to do in Marsh Harbor Bahamas:

As people learned to appreciate and develop the scenic views found in Marsh Harbor Bahamas, tourism became their main source of income. A lot of adventures and relaxing activities can be done at the center of Abaco Bahamas. Visitors look forward to days of swimming or snorkeling at the town’s popular Bahamas resorts. Boating, kayaking, and spending quiet time on a yacht are just few of the popular things you can do here.

You also won’t find the town lacking in terms of shopping because you will find various stores in Marsh Harbor Bahamas. This town has everything you would want to visit like supermarkets, bookstores, a post office, bakeries, hardware stores, and banks.


Where to dine in Marsh Harbor Bahamas:

Marsh Harbor Bahamas also has several dining restaurants that provide tourists with a superb dining experience.  Below are some of the best restaurants that are simply a must-visit for any traveller in the area:

Mangoes. This restaurant is the most popular restaurant on the island. The diners of this establishment range from the island’s very own locals to tourists who drop their anchors on the island. The restaurant is not only known for its sumptuous meals. It also has a cedar-topped bar and a cathedral ceiling that soars above a deck jutting over the water – a one-of-a-kind sight coming from a restaurant on an island.

Curly Tails. If you are craving for Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, then this is the perfect restaurant for you. In addition to a fine dining experience, you can also enjoy a scenic view of the sunset along with the sounds of Bahamian music.

Wally’s. If you are not just in for delicious meals but also on the lookout for a perfect place to enjoy the view while you eat, then go to Bay Street and visit Wally’s. This pink colonial villa has two stories which provide views overlooking a lush tropical garden and palm trees. Wally’s allows you to do some serious people-watching as well while munching on some spicy grouper and drinking some potent rum cocktails.


Marsh Harbor Bahamas is a town set in a tropical yet modernized setting. You can enjoy adventures on the water like boating, swimming, and island hopping. You can also get involved in some shopping and bar hopping. There is also nothing to worry about when it comes to emergency spending as most establishments here accept Visa and Mastercard. You will also find some few ATM machines around town.

And should something go wrong with your health while you are spending your vacation here in Marsh Harbor Bahamas, you count on their doctors and the government hospital. Ambulance and even charter planes are available in case you will need to be transferred outside the island.

There are also plenty of forms of transportation that you can choose from if you intend to explore the island. Bikes, scooters, and cars can be rented. You can even avail yourself of a boat or a yacht if you want to go island hopping. With everything the town has to offer, there is no doubt that Marsh Harbor Bahamas is a place where you can be assured of a dream vacation.


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