Nassau Bahamas

Fort Charlotte in Nassau Bahamas

History of Nassau Bahamas

Nassau Bahamas, formerly known as Charles Town, has a very interesting history. Back in 1666, the citizens used to deliberately lead ships to their doom as this was their livelihood back then. Infamous pirates such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack Rackham, and Anne Bonney were residents of this city before they got expelled by Governor Woodes Rogers, a former privateer sent by the British government. Part of its history also includes the emancipation of African slaves, the smuggling of alcohol during Prohibition, and numerous occupations by different colonizers. Its intriguing history has captured the hearts of adventure travelers making this destination a world beyond your wildest imagination.

Governor's Mansion in Nassau Bahamas

The City of Nassau

Nassau, located on New Providence Island, is nestled among the islands of the Bahamas. It is said to be an equal mix of urban culture and tropical paradise as well as a place where the new world meets the old. Nassau Bahamas is rich with history and many of the eighteenth century fortresses, mansions, and churches have been preserved. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes that have first-world amenities but still present an old world feel. While it is the center of commerce and activity in the Bahamas, being the nation’s capital, there is no hustle and bustle atmosphere in the city.  Traveling around the different attractions of the city is quite convenient and lacks the congestion found in most countries’ capitals. There is no doubt that tourists will never run out of things to do as there is a wide variety of Nassau Bahamas attractions that people can choose to visit. But the relaxed atmosphere and the gorgeous weather in Bahamas help maintain its welcoming and relaxing ambiance.



Junkanoo Festival, Nassau

Bahamas Culture

The Bahamas has been coined the “Islands of Song” because locals are known for being in touch with their musical genes. It is common to hear random drum beats or cheerful tunes playing in the streets of Nassau. The Junkanoo Festival is a well-known festival of the Bahamas which celebrates West African music and where locals dance and wear colorful costumes. Music and dance are deeply ingrained in Bahamas culture and tourists are welcome to participate in the festival or during a practice of their local competing dance groups. Locals of Nassau Bahamas are known to be one of the most accommodating hosts in the Caribbean as well. Visitors will definitely feel a warm welcome upon arriving on this island with the gleeful faces and greetings of Nassau locals. Visitors can even join their People-to-People program and enjoy authentic Bahamian meals, listen to the locals’ stories, and experience the city through the eyes of a true Bahamian. Several other programs are offered for tourists to truly learn more about Bahamian culture.


Bahamian style calesa in Nassau

Nassau Bahamas Attractions

There are so many Nassau Bahamas attractions to choose from for all sorts of people. The world famous Atlantis Resort is located nearby on Paradise Island. This is a well-visited resort where tourists spend most of their time as there are so many activities and amenities offered. In addition to that, you can also visit several historical attractions to make your trip a fun yet educational one. Sites such as Fort Charlotte, The Pompey Museum, and the Queen’s Staircase are great examples of historical spots that the keen traveler would enjoy. You can also join one or more of Nassau’s eco tours and enjoy the wonders of nature. To complement the breezy Nassau Bahamas weather, tourists may opt to spend their days in nature places such as Blue Lagoon, Ardastra Gardens, and Crystal Cay. Of course, being on an island, there are plenty of pristine beaches tourists can visit. With so many places to visit in Nassau Bahamas, you will definitely come back to explore more!


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