San Salvador Bahamas

San Salvador’s History

San Salvador Bahamas

San Salvador Bahamas has quite an interesting and colorful history.  In fact, the island has had its name changed several times.  The early settlers of the island were the Lucayan Indians who called the island Guanahani. The Lucayan stayed at Pigeon Creek before they were taken by the Spanish to work at their mines.  When Columbus made his landfall in the New World in 1492, he named the island Holy Savior or San Salvador.  He even mentioned in his travel journal about the fantastic beauty of the island which is incomparable to other islands he had seen. In the early 18th century, the British took control of the Bahamas including this island. In 1783, some Loyalists were given land on the island by the British government which allowed them to set up cotton plantations. Some of the ruins are still visible today. When George Watling, a British Pirate Captain, took over the island and made his home there, he renamed it Watling Island.  This name was used until 1925 before it was reverted to its earlier name, San Salvador.

In 1951, the US government built a missile-tracking base on San Salvador Bahamas which made the island off-limits to tourists until the late 1960s. Today, around a thousand people reside on the island with Bahamas tourism as the main source of livelihood.


Accommodations on San Salvador

Club Med Columbus Isle, San Salvador Bahamas

Although San Salvador Bahamas may seem to be a secluded place, there are a number of hotels and resorts that you can choose from.  The Club Med Columbus Isle is an all-inclusive luxury resort open year-round.  Guests can choose either garden view or deluxe oceanfront accommodations. The hotel has 236 rooms and suites which are complete with dining facilities and other amenities.

Riding Rock Inn is one of the two resorts where you can see the scenic San Salvador oceanfront view. The inn was built in the 1960s with 42 rooms by the William family.  The resort is dedicated to providing convenience and comfort to water sports enthusiasts.  You can also stay in The Sands Residence Hotel that has 13 rooms available for guests.


Things to See & Do on San Salvador

Bahamas tourism flourishes all year round on San Salvador because the island is home to many shipwreck sites, ruins, and monuments that reflect its colorful history. The wrecks and reefs provide visitors with some of the best Bahamas diving experiences to be had.  The island has miles of secluded and pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters that allow divers to enjoy visibility of up to 150 feet.  There are many relics from the Loyalist days that can be found on the interior of the island.  The flat that circles the island also offers days of exciting game-fishing action.  There are also 4 monuments that mark where Columbus is believed to have come ashore.

Aside from the historical and beautiful sites, you can also enjoy dining in San Salvador’s restaurants that specialize in Bahamian cuisine.  You can also go shopping for woodcarvings which make for great souvenir items. Tours by scooter, bus, and by car to see the major attractions of the island are also available.   No doubt, this island in the Bahamas is one of the best in the world because it offers a wide array of options for visitors from relaxing to diving and even a bit of learning. When it comes to San Salvador Bahamas, your vacation will definitely be more memorable and meaningful.

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