Sightseeing in the Bahamas

Map of the Bahamas

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and kick back your heels on the islands of the Bahamas. There are several things to do and visit on the islands that will make your vacation worthwhile. While the beaches are the primary points of interests, travelers are also invited to explore the various, fascinating Bahamas tourist attractions that the islands offer.

The Famous Lucayan National Park in Bahamas

Lucayan National Park in Bahamas

Tourists are recommended to spend a day at the Lucayan National Park where pine trees, orchids, pidgeon plum trees, ferns, and even mangroves grow. Nature lovers are in for a treat as this park houses several exotic birds, reptiles, and insects. This 40-acre park has 6 distinct ecosystems that show off the complexities of the island’s environment. And for those who love cave exploring, one of the longest underwater cave systems in the world can be found here.


The Blue Lagoon near Nassau Bahamas

The Blue Lagoon in Bahamas

The Blue Lagoon has greatly boosted Bahamas tourism with two of its main attractions — dolphins and sea lions. Tourists may experience these gentle creatures first-hand by touching, feeding, and playing with them. Blue Lagoon Bahamas has been a favorite especially for families as it offers educational excursions perfect for kids.


Preacher’s Cave in Eleuthera Bahamas

Preacher's Cave in Bahamas

Preacher’s Cave, one of the many attractions on Eleuthera Bahamas, is among the many caves scattered around the islands. The interesting thing about this cave is its history which involves the first settlers of the islands: the Eleutheran Adventurers. Back in 1647, a group of Puritans left Bermuda in search of religious freedom and ended up shipwrecked near this cave. They sought shelter in it and conducted a service year after year for 100 years to commemorate the day that they found refuge in what they thought to be their promised land. Tourists may explore this cave which is also conveniently located near the beachfront.


The Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation in Nassau Bahamas

The Pompey Museum in the Bahamas

Visiting this museum will help tourists become familiar with slavery and the triumph of “slaves” over it. This two-story building was formerly called Vendue House (vendue is French for sold) and used as a marketplace where some of the commodities often sold were slaves. It was turned into a museum in 1992 and named after a heroic slave, Pompey, who led a rebellion against the unjust conditions in the Rolle Plantation located on the island of Exuma. This attraction is both educational and moving; it deals with a subject rarely delved upon in most museums.


The Hope Town Lighthouse in Abaco Bahamas

Lighthouse at Hope Town Bahamas

Located at Elbow Cay, the Hope Town Lighthouse is one of the few remaining lighthouses in the world that is still fueled with kerosene and manually operated. Conquer your fear of heights by enjoying the breath-taking view at the top of this historical attraction. Due to its exceptional exterior and history, this lighthouse is incorporated in most Bahamas tours.


St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Nassau Bahamas

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Nassau Bahamas

Being one of the top Bahamas tourist attractions, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church is a great contributor to Bahamas tourism. It is an established landmark as it is the oldest existing church on the island; its exterior remaining unchanged since its erection in 1802. An interesting feature about this church is its clock which was one of the two reliable time tellers on the island during olden times.


The beaches of the Bahamas are amazing and a sight to behold but tourists will also truly enjoy exploring the rest of the attractions as well. There are several Bahamas tours in the market that are ideal for families, friends, or couples. The tours offer variety to tourists as these packages are designed to provide a little taste of everything that the Bahamas has to offer.

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