Spanish Wells Bahamas

Spanish Wells Bahamas

If you are yearning for a laid-back retreat but wary of the frenzied hustle and bustle of the usual Bahamas vacation, Spanish Wells Bahamas may just be your closest bet to a relaxed paradise this side of the globe. It is a small, peaceful, and pristine town on St. George’s Cay. It is situated on the northern tip of Eleuthera Bahamas of the Bahamas Out Islands.

Spanish Wells Bahamas is where you will find rows upon rows of dainty and well-kept cottages lining the beach. Wooden cottages and vacation homes painted brightly welcome visitors of the island. Flower gardens dot terraces and roads while patches of bougainvillea and coconut trees serve as a backdrop for the island’s clear waters and azure skies.

Join a growing number of travelers who desire to be in a laid back exotic Bahamas vacation. Stay in Spanish Wells Bahamas. It is mainly a quiet fishing village whose doors have recently been opened to weary travelers. It offers an idyllic vibe perfect for those who seek solace in the beauty and serenity of nature.


Spanish Wells Bahamas: Things to Do and Places to Go

A.      Must-Dos on the Island

Beach on Spanish Wells Bahamas

There is not much to cross out on your bucket list when you set foot in Spanish Wells Bahamas. There is no lengthy list of touristy spots to chill out in, and there are no prosaic markers or monuments that have seen less exploited better days. The island is no tourist trapdoor waiting for the unsuspecting travelers. This is how a vacation really should be—no stress, no worries, no difficulties, just plain soaking in nature’s beauty and tranquil embrace that is hard to come by these days.

The white and pink sand beaches lapped by waters so clean and clear are the true enticers of the island. In addition, Spanish Wells has an abundant healthy marine life of different sorts and colors perfect for an afternoon of snorkeling. It has secluded caves yearning to be explored. Wade through the waters or simply sink your feet in the sand and take pleasure in the beauty around you.

Spanish Wells Bahamas will draw you in if you ever come to a point when beach bumming, relaxed swimming, and snorkeling are beginning to feel trite during your vacation. The more seasoned snorkeler will discover in the northeastern point of mainland Eleuthera Bahamas a stunning barrier reef with lots of colorful and extraordinary marine life.

The barrier reef is called Devil’s Backbone for a good reason. It has fantastic marine life that promises to mesmerize like the devil in disguise. Are you looking for some adventure-ridden sport fishing? You need not go any further than a mile from the shores of Spanish Wells. The island offers a world-class bone fishing escapade with some of the biggest and nastiest groupers and snappers in the area. Alternately, you may catch crawfish, the island’s most prolific habitant, which you can bring back ashore for some picnic grilling under the skies.


B.      Staying on the Island

Vacation Cottages in Spanish Wells Bahamas

Spanish Wells has a dandy assortment of cottages, lodging houses, and vacation rentals ranging from the most simple and basic to the more upscale. They are yours for the picking according to your budget and taste. Accommodations are spread across the island and rates vary according to amenities and location. Some of the more popular are the upmarket Pink Sands Beach Cottage, the versatile J.J.’s Island Home Rentals, and the moderately priced Harbourside Apartment Rentals.

Spanish Wells Bahamas is not a town littered with restaurants and bars. More often than not, you will find a seaside villa also opening its kitchen and dining areas to those who want to eat the day’s fresh catch and get a taste of true Bahamian cuisine. There are also kitchenettes and local restaurants to choose from.

Spanish Wells may be secluded compared to the other Bahamas islands, but the town is not so backward as to be devoid of the usual indulgences of modern living. The island does have electricity, mobile phone signal, and internet connection. This means you can spend laidback days and still able to catch up with the work or the family you left behind.


Therefore, if you are still mulling over that next picture-perfect vacation, keep in mind that a vacation is a vacation only if it leaps out of your ordinary everyday experiences. Your gateway to a truly relaxing and serene vacation respite may be this gem called Spanish Wells Bahamas.

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