Surfing in the Bahamas

Surfing in the Bahamas

Still don’t know what to do when you visit the Bahamas? Surfing should definitely be one of your priorities! Surfing is a fun, exciting, and enjoyable activity that many people can appreciate, and it is one of the most popular outdoor activities that people do in the Bahamas. With its consistently surf-worthy waves, the place is a haven for avid surfers, and first timers need not worry because there are surf schools available.

The Bahamas Surf

All throughout the year, ideal surf spots are available in the Bahamas beach. For beginners, it is recommended to go surfing between May-July as the surf is smaller. However, if you want to have a full surfing experience, you should brave its hurricane season, which is from June up to November. This brings in huge and powerful waves that could satisfy your thirst for some surfing adventure. During the fall season, low-pressure systems leaving the American east coast result in the presence of consistent swells that are sure to fuel your drive to surf.


Surfing Spots in the Bahamas beach

Of course, having ample swells for surfing isn’t the only thing you need; it is also essential for you to know which surfing spots to visit. Some of the recommended surf spots include areas near Holiday Beach and James Point, Garbanzo, Punta Rocas, Willawahs, the Out Islands of Abaco, Gregory Town, Cat Island, Indicas, and Eleuthera Bahamas.

Eleuthera Bahamas boasts of great surf breaks, as well as clear and warm waters, making surfing both enjoyable and relaxing. Surfers Beach is the most popular surf break. Expect huge, slow moving waves that break on a deep-water reed. Take caution though as the waves can also be tricky.  Like Surfers Beach, Holiday Beach can also be found near Gregory Town. A rocky and rugged shoreline greets surfers, allowing waves that do not close out. Now a shark-free area, Hatchet Bay can bring in the largest Atlantic swells from both left and right sides. For surfers who prefer to be close to shore when surfing, head on over to Hidden Beach, which is also called Big Rock. When the tide is low, surfers are required to do fin up paddle outs because of waves breaking over a reef that’s shallow. For those who want the best wave breaks, James Point is considered the prime surfing spot to be in as not only will you get a great surfing experience, you will also be treated to a grand tropical scene: beautiful century plants, blooming palm trees, and a brilliantly smooth white sand beach.

You need to rent a boat if you want to go on a full surfing exploration to each of these surfing spots.  With over 700 islands, finding the perfect surfing area for you would be a breeze!


Weather and Water Temperatures

The general climate here is subtropical to tropical maritime, making the average temperature between 21°C to 29°C. From May to November, water temperatures are usually at 26-27°C, and will be at around 21°C from December to March. For the colder months, make sure to wear a spring suit while surfing. Moreover, even if it has a hurricane season, hurricanes happen fairly infrequently.


Surfboard Rentals and Surfing Camps/ Schools

Because there is a shortage of good rental shops, it is advisable to bring your own surfing board to the Bahamas. Make sure that you have the right surfboard size and shape that fits and works well with you. Aside from surfboards, you can also rent gloves, wet suits, and other things needed for surfing. On the other hand, surfing camps and schools are abundant here. Accommodation, food, lessons on surfing, and many more are things you need not worry about. One of the most well-known surf camps is the one provided by the Bahamas Out Island Adventures Summer Camp, which has camps for various ages, making it an ideal place to stay for families. They also have a surf school that caters to new and intermediate surfers from 8-21 years old.


Ease of Location

Because the Bahamas is found just 70 miles from the east of Florida, surfers from the East Coast of the US need not worry about spending too much on airfare. Aside from the short flight, another good thing about visiting this place is that the US dollar is accepted widely.

What are you waiting for? Prepare your surfing gear, book your flight, and go surfing in the Bahamas as soon as possible! Surf’s up!

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