Taking the Disney Cruise to Bahamas

Taking the Disney Cruise to Bahamas

Young or old, Disney holds all of us in fascination and awe. So it isn’t surprising that the best Bahamas cruise for most travelers is the Disney Cruise to Bahamas. On this cruise to the Bahamas, you get to enjoy the pleasures of a tropical vacation while being in a Disneyland theme park.

On your Disney Cruise to Bahamas, there are so many things in store for you that you might find yourself dazed just thinking about doing them all. To get the most out of your adventure, here’s a list of things you simply must put on your to-do list:


•  Join Guided Tours

You can get to know the cruise ship better by either joining guided tours or exploring it on your own. There are three major reasons for joining the guided tour on the Disney Cruise to Bahamas. Number one, it is part of what you paid for. Two, you can get some insider’s tips and information during the guided tours. Three, using what you have learned from your guided tours, you will have a better idea about the cruise and be able to make a better plan as to how best to explore the ship.

FYI: Meals, snacks, soft drinks, ice cream, onboard activities, and entertainment are free of charge when you are on board. You will have to pay extra fees for offshore excursions, spa or salon visits, video games, and Internet usage.


•  Attend the Deck Parties

Every night, there’s a Disney party on deck. Don’t miss the Sail-Away Celebration on the first night of your Bahamas cruise. The whole family will surely have fun during the Pirate Night and Firework Display deck parties.


•  Watch Movies and Live Shows

As you cruise to the Bahamas, remember to check out the schedule of Classic Disney movies screenings. These shows are shown in the ship’s 3-D and Poolside Theaters. Take time to also watch live shows and musicals in their ultra-modern theaters. It’s a certainty that your kids will absolutely love them but don’t doubt that you too will be just as entertained.


•  Meet Up with Disney Characters

Since you are on a Disney Cruise to Bahamas, don’t forget to meet and greet your favorite Disney Characters during deck parties, club activities, and autograph sessions. Be sure to always have your camera in hand for these exciting photo shoot opportunities.


•  Take a Dip in the Pool

Whether you are on your own, with kids, or all-adults, make sure to free up some time for dipping in one of the ship’s three pools: a family pool, a kids-only pool, and an adult-only pool. After all, your vacation won’t be complete without a bit of cool water fun.


•  Arrange a Surprise Phone Call from a Disney Character

Traveling with kids? Take advantage of their FREE Surprise Phone Call from a Disney Character offer. Be sure to arrange this surprise before you embark on your Disney Cruise to Bahamas.


There are a great many other things you can still add to your to-do list like joining one or more of their Nassau Bahamas excursions. Just remember, don’t get too stressed trying to fit everything into your grand Disney adventure. You’re on vacation, after all.

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