The Bahamas’ Mayaguana Island

Beach on Mayaguana Island, Bahamas

If the Bahamas getaway that you have in mind involves steering away from places that are too touristy and actually “getting away from it all,” then the island of Mayaguana is probably one of the best choices for you. This Bahamas island lies on the easternmost side of the group of islands and is only about 24 miles in length. One of the most notable things about this island is that it is home to the Bahama hutia, which is a rare creature that resembles both a rabbit and a rat. Checking these critters out during your vacation may not necessarily be the highlight of your trip, but it is certainly something to remember.

History and Culture

Mayaguana, which has kept its name of Arawak origin, used to be frequented by pirates in the 16th and 17th centuries. For some years, it was also used by the United States government as a refueling base and a missile tracking station. Today, it is a quiet location with a population of around 300. Residents of this island are either fishermen, farmers, or tour and fishing guides. They are usually located in one of the three settlements: Pirate’s Well, Betsy Bay, and Abraham’s Bay. The island has maintained its simple and relaxed way of life. In fact, the mailboat is still used as a means of communication here.


Where to Stay on Mayaguana

Baycaner Beach Resort, Mayaguana Island, Bahamas

Your Bahamas resort quest on Mayaguana will lead you to one of the small and charming inns in the area. There are not a lot, and they are usually much smaller than the usual inn or hotel. For instance, the Mayaguana Inn Guest House only has enough space for five guests. If you can book the whole place for your group, that would be both convenient and practical.

If, on the other hand, you are hoping for something more like a regular hotel or Bahamas resort, then the Baycaner Beach Resort is the closest you can get to this. Rooms are comfortable and have their own bathrooms. They are also air conditioned and decorated with furniture made of wicker, for a charming island look. One of the best things about this resort is that you can also enjoy delicious Bahamas fare such as conch salad. With a combination of clean and comfortable accommodations and satisfying meals, you just can’t go wrong.


What to See and Do on Mayaguana

Soft Sand and Clear Blue Water on Mayaguana Island, Bahamas

Being on the easternmost side of the Bahamas islands does not come without its perks. In fact, Mayaguana Bahamas features a lot of attractions and activities including some stunning beaches with clear turquoise waters. Take advantage of your location by checking out Northwest Point Beach, where you can either go for a plunge or simply lounge about and go picnicking on the sand. If you’re raring to do some snorkeling or diving, you can easily find certified divers who will be more than happy to help you find the most impressive scenes underwater. If your sport of choice is bone fishing, on the other hand, then both Northwest Point and Graveyard Flats are excellent areas.

The history of Bahamas is fascinating, and this is something that you will be able to discover by exploring the island. For instance, Abraham’s Bay Town Square is home to some historical sites, such as the Charlton House, which gives an idea of what homesteads were like way back in the day.

Another place to visit, which can be especially enjoyable for those who wish to make the most out of the natural wonders of Bahamas, is Curtis Creek. The creek is home to myriad species of fish as well as green turtles. All of this animal activity makes it a fun sight for kids as well, so bring the children over if you can. They will definitely benefit from such a fun and educational experience.

Another historical site worth noting is the Pirate’s Well. It was, as the name suggests, dug by pirates who needed drinking water. Of course, it is no longer functional today, but you are free to take as many photos of this historical island attraction as you wish.


The Bahamas definitely has something to offer everyone. For an authentic island experience on the Out Islands, Mayaguana is probably the one that can best suit your needs and make your Bahamas escape one worth remembering.


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