The Best Secluded Beaches on Grand Bahama Island

Beach on Grand Bahama Island

If you’re thinking of having a great deal rest and relaxation, Grand Bahama Island is one of the best places to go. On this beautiful paradise, you can have the luxury of enjoying a true island vacation in a charming and peaceful rural atmosphere. And nothing says peace and quiet than a secluded beach. No crowds, no noise, just you and Mother Nature. These types of beaches can be found easily, usually located in the eastern and southern area of the Grand Bahama island map.

Grand Bahama’s Gold Rock Beach

Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama

The most beautiful Grand Bahama beach is Gold Rock Beach, a favorite among tourists and locals alike. It is often the beach that is featured in postcards. The place is part of the Lucayan National Park which means it is protected and thus the taking of any shells or artifacts within the area is strictly prohibited. The best time to visit this unspoiled paradise is during low tide where the sandy mat can be clearly seen, often dubbed by the locals as their “welcome mat.” The beach is equipped with benches, picnic tables, and barbecue pits but little else. Bringing your own food is a must.


Fortune Beach on Grand Bahama Island

Fortune Beach on Grand Bahama

Another pristine Grand Bahama beach is Fortune beach. Its name is derived from a shipwreck discovered in the place worth $2 million dollars. Similar to Gold Rock beach, the place is pretty secluded and quiet, perfect for relaxing under the sun with your group without having to worry about a crowd. Beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling, and plain sunbathing are the popular activities at this beach. Eating is also a great way to pass the time as the Banana Bay restaurant is located here, serving both Bahamas food and international cuisine that will make your mouth water.


Barbary Beach, Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama's Barbary Beach

Barbary Beach is another secluded wonderland located at the east on of the Grand Bahama island map. Called by the locals as the most beautiful beach on Grand Bahama Island, it is completely undeveloped and has no facilities to spoil its natural beauty. The beach is made up of two sections, the white expansive sandy section where you can relax and sunbathe to your heart’s content and the rocky section where you can explore little tide pools and be closer to nature. Since there is rarely anyone at the beach, tourists looking for privacy and quiet will find what they seek here.


Grand Bahama’s Paradise Cove Beach

The beautiful Paradise Cove Beach on Grand Bahama

The name says it all. This little paradise is a secluded beach where you can enjoy the sun, swim, go kayaking, and even do some great snorkeling. There’s a bar and snack shack right on the beach that offers some yummy treats. The Freeport Bahamas resort here also provides fishing tours and a sunset bonfire package. Staying here for a few hours or an entire day will really refresh your tired soul.


The secluded beaches of Grand Bahama island are true paradises that offer a haven from the busy lives we all lead.


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