Things to See and Do on Bahamas’ Acklins & Crooked Island

Seclusion in Paradise on Crooked Island, Bahamas

If you are going on a Bahamas vacation to get away from it all and it’s seclusion that you’re after, then a trip to Acklins & Crooked Island is in order. These may be the lesser known islands in the Bahamas, but this, in fact, is what makes them worth visiting. After all, they are home to some very fascinating attractions and do not lack the natural wonders that will make your trip an adventure-filled and memorable one. Acklins & Crooked Island, together with Long Cay, form an atoll located southeast of Nassau. If you start finding the capital too touristy for your taste, then you know where to go.

Beacons of Light

Bird Rock Lighthouse on Crooked Island, Bahamas

Some of the most notable attractions on the Bahamas Out Islands are their lighthouses. On the northern part of Crooked Island, the star of the show is the Bird Rock Lighthouse, situated over a hundred feet above sea level. Take a snapshot or two of this 1876 structure as a souvenir of your Bahamas vacation!

Castle Island Lighthouse on Acklins Island, Bahamas

Another lighthouse that you will want to visit is the Castle Island Lighthouse, located on the southern end of Acklins. It was made operational a little over a decade before the Bird Rock, in 1867. If you have a boat, this is a great take off point to the surrounding Mira Por islets.


Historical and Cultural Sites

Cannons at the Marine Farm on Crooked Island, Bahamas

For an even greater dose of history during your Bahamas vacation, you can visit Hope Great House and Marine Farm on Crooked Island. This contains the ruins of an 18th century structure as well as a plantation that can give you a peek into how life has changed on this island over the centuries.

On the other hand, Acklins Island features a group of wells dubbed the “French Wells.” French pirates used to frequent the Bahamas and this fascinating site is testament to how they built their hiding places back then. The forts built by the British government, or what is left of them, at least, are also fascinating features of the area.

For an even better understanding of the history of the islands, it is also a good idea to check out the Lucayan Indian site on Acklins island. The biggest of the Lucayan settlements, not only among the Bahamas Out Islands, but in the entire Bahamas territory as well, is believed to be the one situated by Pompey Bay Beach. It is a significant heritage site that is worth the trip, particularly if you are interested in scratching the surface and making the most out of your visit to the islands.


Natural Wonders

The Hutia of Plana Cays, Bahamas

Of course, some of the best features in the Bahamas is the abundance of natural attractions for tourists to visit. Acklins & Crooked Island is especially gifted with the wonders of Mother Nature. The Plana Cays, for instance, feature the interesting hutia, a mammal that is native to the Bahamas. This area has also been developed as a reserve for great iguanas which are considered one of the world’s endangered species.

Mangrove in Turtle Sound, Crooked Island, Bahamas

Another haven for nature lovers, Turtle Sound is an inland river that is just teeming with biodiversity. This paradise on Crooked Island features mangroves that have an amazing variety of both bird and fish species. If you happen to be on the island, make sure you don’t miss this as it adds a completely different dimension to a Bahamas vacation, especially if you were only expecting to lounge about on the beach the whole time.


Bonefishing Paradise

Bonefishing at Acklins Island, Bahamas

The relative seclusion combined with the natural marine wealth of Acklins & Crooked Island makes this area a great one for diving. After all, there aren’t a lot of people to disturb those sea creatures you’ve been trying to get a good look at. To add an exciting twist to your Bahamas vacation, though, why not try bonefishing? This is the best place in the Bahamas to do it, because the Bight of Acklins, where you can wade around in over a hundred square feet of knee-deep water with an abundance of bonefish, makes the experience both easy and exciting for first-timers and fishing enthusiasts alike. You can also get useful tips from the experts on which spots are best for big game fishing, if you want to take things up a notch.


If you are ready to go on a vacation that is all about departing from the urban jungle and embarking on a memorable adventure, then consider making Acklins & Crooked Island part of your escape plan in the Bahamas.


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