Treasure Cay Bahamas

Treasure Cay Bahamas

There is nothing more therapeutic than being on a beach while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze. And perhaps there is nothing in this world that can best provide you with that experience (and more) than Treasure Cay Bahamas. Located in Abaco Bahamas, this little community is like a little slice of rustic paradise, perfect for those who have simple tastes and are looking for a relaxing vacation.

Treasure Cay Bahamas can be found along the east coast of Abaco Bahamas. This place offers the most laid back and tranquil beach experience that can be enjoyed by guests who are searching for a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will find a lot of good stuff to see and enjoy the moment you arrive in this small coastal community. At Treasure Cay, you can enjoy ivory-white sand, pristine waters, fun activities, and the most amazing scenery – all without the noise and distraction of a crowd.

History of Treasure Cay Bahamas:

According to the community’s history, 17 Spanish treasure galleons sank along the coast of Treasure Cay Bahamas in 1595. It was deemed true when some of these treasures were found but the rest are presumed lost today. Obviously, this historical event gave the island its present name which is Treasure Cay (Cay is pronounced as key). In 1972, the movie “The Day of the Dolphin” starring George C. Scott was shot in Treasure Cay due to the rich aquatic resources such as dolphins, turtles, tuna, and pristine coral reefs found here.


Attractions and Things to Do:

To help you prepare a detailed to-do-list while spending your Bahamas vacation on Treasure Cay, we listed the most popular attractions you should see and activities to try out.

Treasure Cay Bahamas has rich barrier reefs and formations as well as a number of shipwrecks and caves for you to explore. This is why snorkeling and diving are popular among the many activities you can do in the area. You can spend the day getting up close and personal to the reefs and barriers along the coast. Not only that, since you will be accompanied by the best divers in town, you will also get to see and experience an amazing underwater adventure diving deep down miles of reefs, shipwrecks, and in-land blue holes which, according to some locals, produce anti-aging water.

Blue marlin, barracuda, grouper, yellowtail, snapper, tuna, and many more are common inhabitants of the waters of Treasure Cay Bahamas. Thus, it is no wonder why fishing enthusiasts from all over the world stop by to experience some world-class fishing. In fact, one of the most popular fishing tournaments, called the Treasure Cay Billfish Championship, is hosted here. Though there is a lot of fishing taking place, catch-and-release fishing is widely promoted to ensure that the amount of fishes in the waters does not decline.

Due to the excellent reputation of Abaco for boat-building, you won’t find it difficult to rent a high quality boat for a day of cruising. This is the best alternative if you are not into fishing but would love to see the waters of Treasure Cay Bahamas. Cruising can also provide you with amazing views of dolphins, whales, manta rays, and sharks.

If you want to take a break from water activities in Treasure Cay Bahamas, then have fun and enjoy an outdoor sport. Golf courses are popular in Abaco Bahamas and these are not just the regular kind you see anywhere. These golf courses are magnificently made and present you an awesome oceanic view. As a matter of fact, you will find that Abaco has an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Dick Wilson which was deemed the #1 Golf Course in the Bahamas by the Golf Digest.

In addition, your days in Treasure Cay Bahamas won’t be filled with water and sports adventures alone. Women need not to worry about not indulging in their shopping habits on the island. Cashmere sweaters, scented soaps and candles, souvenirs, and flavoured liqueurs are just some of the products that can be bought here. The community also has several bakeries, coffee shops, banks, restaurants, and other establishments for tourists to visit. You can stop by Cafe La Florence and enjoy coffee with their famous cinnamon rolls. If you are looking for a hearty lunch or dinner, you choose among several restaurants such as Treasure Sands Club and Spinnaker restaurant. At night, there are bars that offer Bahamian drinks, delicious food, and live music.


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