What You Need to Know about Jobs in the Bahamas

Jobs in the Bahamas are Booming

Have you ever wondered if there are available jobs in the Bahamas for you? The answer is yes. Jobs are waiting for you – and anyone else who often wonder how it is like to work in a place that has the most number of perfect beaches and resorts, where people are friendly, and the economy is booming. There are, indeed, very few places like the Bahamas. Choosing to work there may well turn out to be the best decision that you ever make.

There are a few things you need to know about jobs in the Bahamas. First of all, there is a great demand for work in the country. This is because of the booming economy, the tourism, and the ever-increasing commerce there. All you have to do is to find which among the available Bahamas jobs best suits your training and skill set. There is a wide range of Bahamas jobs which is also due to the steady economic growth throughout the years, fuelled by the tourism industry, as well as the ever-expanding banking industry.

Tourism Is the Industry That Breathes Fire into Bahamas

The largest source of jobs in the Bahamas is the tourism industry. It accounts for about 60 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). As far as the country’s tourism industry goes, there are approximately 1.5 million visitors, not to mention an additional 3.5 million cruise visitors, yearly in the Bahamas.

According to the country’s tourism industry, a little fewer than 50 percent of all jobs in the Bahamas are in tourism. By all indications, this industry is on pace to expand by as much as 70 percent by the end of the decade. This means even more jobs for local and foreign workers alike.

Around 80 percent of tourists and visitors come from the United States of America. From this fact alone, we can surmise that those who seek tourism jobs in the Bahamas would have to be English-language speakers. Meanwhile, the government of Bahamas recently undertook a massive and aggressive series of investment missions in various regions of the world, including Europe, Latin America, Canada as well as the Far East, in an effort to court more tourists and foreign investments.

Resorts, hotels (luxury and budget), casinos, and restaurants are among the Bahamas local establishments that cater to thousands of tourists that arrive in Bahamas every day. These establishments employ both foreign and Bahamas local service workers.

A boost to the tourism economy of the country is the opening of the Atlantis Resort and Casino by Kerzner International. It has opened up additional jobs in the Bahamas since. Also contributing to the restoration of Bahamas as a tourist hub is the opening of the Breezes Super Club and Sandals Resort.

Another recent development in the tourism industry is the proliferation of investments like the Cable Beach strip development by the Baha Mar Development Company. These establishments provide further job opportunities for service workers and skilled professionals.


Jobs Other Than Those in the Tourism Industry

Aside from the massive tourism industry in the islands, jobs in the Bahamas can also be found in the banking industry. An estimated 17 percent of the country’s GDP comes from financial services. This is the second largest industry in the Bahamas after the tourism industry. The fine beaches, resorts, and restaurants may still be the country’s biggest attraction to visitors, but Bahamas has now quietly built a reputation as a dependable offshore financial center.

Thanks to the financial reforms introduced in the country throughout the years, including the International Business Companies Act of 1990, the ease with which offshore corporations can be incorporated in the Bahamas has been very encouraging for businesses and investors. This superb financial and banking climate has made Bahamas a preferred spot for investors who are in search of a secure and easy environment for investment opportunities.

The country also has a small but important agricultural industry. This industry accounts for about five percent of the GDP of the Bahamas. Currently, employment opportunities for this industry are limited. Nevertheless, it is projected to develop further in the future. Among the big agricultural products in the country are pork and beef production, as well as processing. Production levels are high in mariculture, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Indeed, there are jobs in the Bahamas for those who are adventurous enough to come looking for it.

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