What’s the Weather in Bahamas?

Fair Weather in Bahamas

The weather in Bahamas is one of the main reasons why it is a popular vacation destination. The islands experience a great deal of sunshine, approximately more than 315 days a year.  Tourists can expect to enjoy warm weather year-round with relatively consistent temperatures. The great thing about the weather in Bahamas is that it is never extremely hot or extremely cold with a lot of sun: perfect for an island getaway.

The Bahamas Climate and Seasons

Summer in Bahamas

Bahamas climate is a tropical maritime climate which means that the country generally experiences two types of weather all year-round: wet and dry. Though rain showers do occur at any time during the year, the actual “rainy” months are from May to October where the showers can be intense but are generally short-lived. Hurricane season is officially from June to November where tropical rainstorms or hurricanes can occur though they do so quite infrequently.

Officially, Bahamas enjoys two types of seasons: summer and winter. The summer months are from May until September while winter runs from October to April. The weather in Bahamas during the summer months has high humidity with temperatures from 78oF to as high as 90oF. The heat is usually tolerable, even pleasant, because of the cool breeze brought by the Atlantic trade winds. The weather in Bahamas at night during these months is generally a few degrees cooler.

Though the season is called “winter”, the term can be a bit deceiving. Bahamas weather in December or any of the “winter” months is more sunshine than snow which allows everyone to enjoy outdoor activities anytime they want. In fact, there has only been one occurrence of snow in the history of the islands which was quite brief and light. Also, tourists can expect there to be cooler temperatures and lesser rain. Temperatures during this time of year range between 60oF to 75oF, enabling visitors to still enjoy pleasantly warm weather.

The Perfect Time to Visit the Bahamas

Sunny Day in Coco Cay, Bahamas

Because the weather in Bahamas is generally great all year, tourists can choose to visit any of the islands at any point of time they wish. Though hurricane season is possibly the worst time to visit Bahamas, modern technology has made it easy for hurricanes to be tracked as soon as they form enabling tourists to cancel their travel plans should it occur during their trip. The peak season usually starts after the rainy season simply because Bahamas weather in December is sunny and warm compared to the true winter weather experienced in North America. While it is generally cooler during the winter season, visiting Bahamas during its summer months can still be greatly enjoyable as the cool winds and waters can refresh you even under the heat of the sun. Whichever time you do choose to visit, the weather in Bahamas will always provide tourists with lots of fun in the sun making it the best destination for your dream vacation.

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