10 Things to Do on Your Bahamas Honeymoon

Bahamas Honeymoon

There is no better way to spend your romantic getaway than having a Bahamas honeymoon. Choose among the countless secluded islands and start creating your first memories as a married couple. A honeymoon in this paradise will be like no other as there are so many exceptional activities to do, not to mention the romantic atmosphere that the Caribbean will provide you. While the beaches are predominantly the highlight of the Bahamas, it is great to know other possible options on how to spend quality time as newlyweds.

  1. Unleash your daring side by taking the plunge in shark diving. Swim among sharks and the untouched marine life in Paradise Island. Rest assured that you will receive the utmost care from diving experts. This safe aqua tour will definitely leave you and your sweetie in awe!


  1. If sharks are not your thing, then you and your honey can opt for scuba-diving instead. After a mandatory 3-hour orientation at UNEXSO (Underwater Explorers’ Society), you can fully experience the unspoiled underwater goodness of Grand Bahama Island.


  1. If you plan on availing any of the Bahamas honeymoon packages, make sure that it includes a nature park or botanical garden tour. The Bahamas is known for their ecological systems. Visiting places such as the Lucayan National Park in Grand Bahama Island or the Garden of Groves in Freeport will make you fall in love with nature as much as you’ve fallen in love with each other.


  1. Trekking is a fun way to spend quality time with your life partner. Explore the lush terrains of the Bahamas and witness the assortment of birds, insects, and reptiles as you conquer the trails in the Lucayan National Park. Nothing can compare to the feeling of accomplishing an exhilirating trek in the midst of God’s amazing creations!


  1. Stroll around historical towns for a more educational Bahamas honeymoon experience. Bahamas history is very colorful which makes historical tours not just educational, but infinitely more interesting. Hope Town in Elbow Cay is an extraordinary historical village to visit.


  1. A honeymoon in Bahamas is not complete without shopping! The International Bazaar houses several Duty-free shops and outlets that sell premium items such as perfumes, jewelry, and makeup. If you’re seeking for more clever finds, try visiting the countless craft centers scattered all over the island.


  1. Availing of any of the Bahamas honeymoon packages will most likely consist of island hopping tours. Discover new places together and start building memories as a newly married couple. The islands of the Bahamas are closely situated to each other so it is quite convenient to hop from one island to another.


  1. If you’re looking for a bit more physical interaction with sea creatures such as dolphins and sea lions, you can do so in Blue Lagoon, Nassau. These gentle creatures will leave you in astonishment as you feed, play, and take pictures with them. Moments like these with your hubby or wife are priceless!


  1. Document your lavish tropical honeymoon in Bahamas by having a photo op with professional photographers. How often would you have a chance to get the Caribbean sunset as your backdrop? Have sophisticated and romantic couple shots taken to serve as tokens of your first few days spent as newlyweds.


  1.  For the spontaneous couple, booking a 3-day retreat at the Atlantis Resort will be the complete package. This versatile hotel has all the amenities you need and they also offer a wide range of activities to do, from concerts to comedy acts to casinos. The extensive dining options will impress you and the comfortable yet stylish rooms will make you not want to leave this haven.


Overall, the important thing is to have a grand and memorable time with your partner. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you’re spending it with each other, but having a Bahamas honeymoon will most definitely enhance your happiness as a couple.

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