Accommodations in Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis Resort - Royal Towers

The Atlantis Bahamas is a premiere lodging facility on Paradise Island. It is both a water park and resort which is why more and more tourists opt to stay here as it already offers a great package of leisure and activity. This resort is widely known for its exquisite interiors as it impeccably represents the magical world of Atlantis. Every room is perfectly designed to make your stay in the Bahamas an experience of pure luxury. You may choose among the different rooms offered depending on your budget, or how many people you are with.

The Beach Tower of Atlantis

Beach Tower, Atlantis

Rooms in the Beach Tower exude sheer relaxation. Among the several Atlantis Bahamas towers, the Beach Tower best represents the ultimate Caribbean feel. Here, tourists may enjoy a very laid-back atmosphere. It is situated right beside the white sandy beaches of Paradise Island as well as several couture shops. Among the different types of accommodations in Atlantis hotel Bahamas, this is the most affordable one.


The Coral Tower of Atlantis

Coral Tower, Atlantis

The Coral Tower is located right beside the Beach Tower. Visitors may take advantage of the prime location of this tower as it is located near dining and shopping hotspots as well as a pristine beachfront. This tower has a great tropical design that will definitely make tourists feel that they are in a tropical paradise. Rooms in the Coral Tower are slightly pricier than the Beach Tower, but are still affordable for families nonetheless.


The Royal Tower of Atlantis

Royal Towers, Atlantis
The most premium rooms are located in the Royal Tower. Rooms in this tower showcase the best views of the Bahamas. To experience the true luxury of the Atlantis resort Bahamas, this tower is where you should stay. Being the pinnacle of the whole Atlantis resort, the Royal Tower is where tourists can spoil themselves with their wildest indulgence. Fine dining restaurants and haute couture shops can be found here which makes this a prime location where visitors can live like kings and queens.


The Cove Atlantis

The Cove Atlantis
While the Atlantis resort Bahamas is predominantly designed for kids and families, there is also a place where couples may enjoy an intimate night or two by themselves. The Cove Atlantis is a mini getaway catered especially for sweethearts. There are two pools located in this tower, as well as a beachfront that are exclusive for guests in this tower. The Cove Atlantis is perfect for that oh-so-memorable honeymoon in Bahamas.


The Reef Atlantis

The Reef Atlantis

For longer-staying guests, you may get the best value for your money when staying in rooms at the Reef Atlantis. This area caters specifically to families or groups of friends who plan to maximize their stay in Atlantis Bahamas. Take advantage of the spacious rooms and convenient amenities in this tower. You may choose between a studio-type room or a suite, both of which provide only the best comfort and opulence that will satisfy the needs of all members of your party.


As you can see, the Atlantis hotel Bahamas truly does not disappoint! With the accommodations alone, visitors are in for a treat. No matter what room you choose to stay in, the Atlantis Bahamas will, without a doubt, do you wonders.

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