Accommodations in San Salvador Bahamas

San Salvador Bahamas

Planning a trip to San Salvador Bahamas would not be complete without checking out the accommodations that this little piece of tropical heaven has in store for travelers. You may have plotted out an equal mix of adventure and laidback vacationing in your itinerary, but are you sure that you have identified the best hotel accommodation for you?

Being the tiny island paradise that it is, the hotel options for vacationers in San Salvador Bahamas are lean. The island also has a number of vacation rentals if you’re not interested in staying at a Bahamas resort. But just in case, we’ve listed down the resorts you can choose from.


San Salvador Bahamas Resorts

• Club Med Columbus Isle

Club Med Columbus Isle on San Salvador Bahamas

There may not be a whole collection of luxury resorts in San Salvador Bahamas, but the luxury hotel chain Club Med has it all covered by putting up one of its finest hotels on the island.

The resort is located near one of San Salvador’s most immaculate beaches. It is just a short drive north of town. Club Med Columbus Isle has everything that a Club Med resort offers — comfy and scenic rooms, a breathtaking beachfront, excellent dining options, a first-rate swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness and health center, a host of water sports facilities, a tennis court, top-notch golf and winter sports facilities, the most hip and happening bars and discos, plus a whole lot more lavishness in the finer details.

Club Med Columbus Isle’s swimming pool is not only huge, it is also well-designed. With its free-form shape and stylish lounging facilities, the resort has raised the bar for luxury resorts on the island. It is tastefully designed with art and furnishings sourced from four different continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas). The hotel rooms feature a patio or a balcony, pieces of furniture that were custom-built as far away as the Philippines or Thailand, and wall decorations handcrafted by indigenous people in Brazil. When you think of cosmopolitan, think of Club Med Columbus Isle – for they are one and the same.

What sets this resort apart from other Club Med Resorts? Club Med Columbus Isle is not family-oriented. Activity centers, outdoor playgrounds, and other facilities for kids found in other luxury resorts belonging to the chain are absent from this Bahamas resort.

Club Med Columbus Isle is an all-inclusive resort designed for romantic escapades, making it a perfect destination for honeymooners or couples who are out for a vacation in this part of the world. Water sports enthusiasts will also have a blast here as the resort boasts itself as one of the best destinations for windsurfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.


• Riding Rock Inn Resort and Marina

Riding Rock Inn Resort & Marina on San Salvador Bahamas

San Salvador Bahamas is famous for its great dive sites. Divers have 50+ rich-in-marine-life dive sites to choose from.  Elkhorn, staghorn, sharks,s and stingrays are just a few examples of what divers will find when they dive in the reefs, walls, shipwrecks, and ruins of San Salvador.

This brings us to the other best accommodation option in San Salvador Bahamas which is Riding Rock Inn. This resort is a dedicated diving resort with an uncomplicated, no-frills ambience. As the resort caters more to diving enthusiasts, they offer accommodation bundled with dive packages for a true Bahamas diving experience.

The resort has its own restaurant and bar, outdoor swimming pool, and other water sports facilities. Rooms are comfortable and with a view of either the swimming pool or the beach. There is also a newly built building that faces the ocean for those who want more modern accommodations.

Riding Rock Inn Resort and Marina may not be as lavish as Club Med but it more than serves the needs of divers who visit the island. It is also for vacationers who are on a budget since it is a more pocket-friendly option on San Salvador Bahamas.


• Guanahani Beach Club

Guanahani Beach Resort on San Salvador Bahamas

If you’re looking for something restful and cozy, this Bahamas resort is just right up your alley. Since the resort can only accommodate 8 people at a time, you definitely won’t have a hard time finding some peace and solitude in this corner of the island. The resort offers one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas, all equipped with a kitchenette, ceiling fans, WiFi, beach towels, luxurious linens, a safety deposit box, and a veranda.

Guests are provided with homemade breakfast every morning along with access to mountain bikes and scooters. In addition, the resort provides guests with free transport to and from the airport.


• San Salvador Resort & Spa

San Salvador Resort & Spa on San Salvador Bahamas

The last, but certainly not the least, of the resorts located on San Salvador Bahamas is the San Salvador Resort & Spa. Guests here stay at a one-bedroom beach cottage equipped with a fully furnished kitchen, WiFi, air conditioning, Cable TV, a sitting room, and a dining area.

The resort also provides guests with the use of in-house fishing boats that can be used for a spot of island hopping. Aside from the water sports activities that guests can take part in such as scuba diving and bone fishing, they can also get some relaxing treatments from the onsite Tranquility Spa.

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