Bahamas Vacation Tips

Bahamas Vacation Tips

Are you planning to embark on a Bahamas vacation? The picturesque islands of Bahamas boast of spectacular beaches as well as other natural wonders. The Bahamas is the perfect vacation destination for those who have earned a well-deserved break after a stressful time at work, and for families who enjoy a family getaway surrounded by sand, water, and fun people.

Millions of beach aficionados choose to travel to Bahamas. In fact, during the first half of 2012 around 3.5 million first-time and repeat tourists visited the islands of Bahamas (based on the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism statistics). If you’re planning to be one of those who will be enjoying the beauty of these islands, you might want to help yourself to some of our tips.

7 Basic Pointers for Your Bahamas Vacation:

• Know what to pack.

It is important to be aware of the necessary things you might need once you get to your destination. When you travel to Bahamas, make sure that you only pack light and comfortable clothes. The tropical climate there may get a bit humid so bring outfits that not only give you a stylish look but are loose-fitting as well.

Aside from clothes, do not forget to pack your medication. Bring prescriptions (in case you need a refill) and permits for your medication to avoid encountering problems. Your sunscreen and sunglasses should also be added to your must-pack list. You do not want to spend the rest of your Bahamas vacation indoors because of severe sunburn.


• Have your money changed.

Unless your money is in US dollars, you need to change it before heading to the Bahamas. In the Bahamas, US dollars and Bahamian dollars have the same value and can be used interchangeably.

Have your money changed ahead of time and avoid the hassle of having to look for a money changer or worrying about whether you have enough Bahamian or US dollars while you are on your Bahamas vacation.


• Plan where you want to go.

Having an itinerary on your Bahamas vacation is a must; there are too many things to see and do on the islands that you might find yourself stressed out just by thinking of where to go next. You can use a Bahamas travel guide to aid you in planning on which places to go or which activities to try. Knowing your options and finalizing your itinerary before you leave for your Bahamas vacation will help you save time – time that you would have spent making up your mind. Instead, you can use that saved time to leisurely explore the islands’ wonders that interest you.
• Be familiar with these Bahamas norms and practices.

Don’t be shocked if a Bahamian greets you and calls you “Honey” since it is common for people in the Bahamas to address others with endearments.

Transportation in the Bahamas involves driving on the left side of the road. Be reminded of this fact before renting a car. If you are not comfortable driving in this manner, use a taxi or hire a driver instead.

You should also be familiar with the tipping system. More often than not, you will find a 15% service charge added to your bill. This is commonly done by hotels and resorts to cover gratuities/tips.

In addition, bear in mind that as much as the Bahamians encourage light clothing due to their climate, there are establishments where you need to dress appropriately.


• Explore outdoor activities.

The Bahamas weather is perfect for outdoor activities. You can sunbathe, play ultimate Frisbee, or enjoy a friendly match of beach volleyball. Feeling adventurous? You can try parasailing or off-roading.

The Bahamas waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and other watersports. Snorkeling and diving will enable you to see multicolored coral reefs and numerous kinds of marine life. Swimming with dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island is one of the popular activities in the Bahamas.


• Dine out.

Be prepared to feast on lobsters, conchs, shellfish, and other delicious seafood when you are in the Bahamas. If you want gastronomic fulfillment without punching a hole in your pocket, you can check out local stalls that sell soups, salads, and fritters. Remember that one of the biggest mistakes that a tourist could ever make is to miss out on a chance to taste the local cuisine.


• Shop till you drop.

You can find good deals from local and international boutique stores. For example, you can shop for your designer brand items at Crystal Court on Paradise Island. On the other hand, you can shop for your Bahamas vacation souvenirs, knick-knacks, local products, and hand-made crafts (bags, hats, and accessories) at the Lucaya Marketplace, Grand Bahama, or the Marina Village on Paradise Island.

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