Best Honeymoon Activities on Grand Bahama Island

Honeymoon Activities on Grand Bahama Island

What better way to celebrate your wedding than to spend your honeymoon on Grand Bahama Island? It is easy to reach this slice of paradise as there are direct flights to Freeport Bahamas. There are also several cruises that land on Grand Bahama Island, should you prefer a more luxurious way to travel. Either way, you’ll definitely be having the most memorable and romantic time of your life once you’re on the island.  It is full of wonderful activities for a perfect honeymoon experience. Below are among the highly recommended honeymoon activities.

Top 5 Honeymoon Activities on Grand Bahama Island:

1. Gastronomic Escapade

Most brides and grooms aren’t able to enjoy their wedding feast much, no matter how delicious the food served was. As newlyweds at their own wedding, it is quite common for the couple to become too preoccupied with entertaining guests or too stressed out making sure that the wedding goes smoothly. Indulging in the food is a luxury few couples can afford during this time. Thus, a gastronomic escapade is a great treat for you during your honeymoon. Delight in delicious Bahamian or other cuisines and appreciate the relaxing ambiance – free of a bustling wedding reception crowd.

You can whet your appetite for any type of cuisine as there are numerous restaurants on Grand Bahama Island. For instance, La Dolce Vita is the restaurant to go to for Italian cuisine. This famous Italian restaurant is located at Port Lucaya Marketplace. For French-Continental dishes, head to Luciano’s. If steaks and grilled food are your cravings, then Churchill’s Chop House is the perfect place to dine in.


2.  Snorkel and Beach Adventure

Go on a romantic Grand Bahama Island cruise. This 5-hour cruise includes snorkeling in shallow reefs and a barbecue feast on a private island where you can bathe in the sun and/or in the cool waters of the sea. On your way back to the main island, quench your thirst with a glass or two of Bahama Mama and move your hips to the groove of the music on the ship.


3. Stay Active on Grand Bahama Island

There are various types of activities offered on Grand Bahama. Kayaking is one of the subtle yet fantastic ways to survey the lovely natural attractions of the island from the water. Don’t know how to maneuver a kayak? Don’t worry, there are a lot of trained kayakers on the island who can teach you.

Aside from water sports, you can also enjoy biking with your loved one while touring the amazing sights on the island.  Bike along the Bahama beach and follow the trails of the Arawaks (the first settlers of the Bahamas).  Make it more educational and historical by visiting the ruins of the first settlements.  You can make a few stops to grab some refreshments or simply dip into the water at the beach to cool yourselves off.

A 4×4 open top Jeep can also offer you a fun ride around the Bahamas. On this Jeep tour, you can stop at souvenir shops, visit a garden, or simply pull over along the Bahama beach for some fun in the sun. Horses also love the sand and waters of this island.  You can ride them and experience an unforgettable eco tour.


4. Get Closer to Nature at the Park

Grand Bahama Island has several national parks that are well worth the effort to visit, especially if you are a nature lover.  One of the most visited parks is Rant Nature Center which prides itself with 130 species of plants and serves as a haven for flocks of migratory birds. Another is Peterson Cay National Park. It will excite you with its friendly features like shallow coral reefs where you can go snorkelling and diving while saying hi to colourful fish. Lucayan National Park boasts of one of the world’s longest underwater chains of caves and tunnels with rich limestone ensembles. You can see a thriving ecosystem in this 40-acre park.


5. Bonfire by the Shore

Get fired up by watching fire dancers perform around a bonfire. Spoil your taste buds with a Bahamian buffet and (if you want) drink till you drop into each other’s arms. For more details about the Bonfire by the Shore activity, be sure to drop by at The Margarita Villa Sand Bar Restaurant on Grand Bahama island.

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