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History of Bimini Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas - the Island in the Stream

Bimini Bahamas’ name is believed to have come from the Lucayans, the first inhabitants of the island.  Bimini means “two islands” in the Lucayan language. Before it became a permanent settling place, Bimini was often used by pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries to corner the Spanish ships that were traveling from South America to Europe. In 1838, slavery was abolished and by 1840 some slaves and their families decided to start a new life on the island. The first five families who settled on the island were comprised of newly freed slaves and some poor whites. The island was also chosen as a base by some “wreckers” who made their living on salvaging shipwrecks caused by the many rocks and reefs surrounding Bimini Bahamas.

Bimini Bahamas also served as a supply point for rumrunners from Nassau at the time of the Prohibition era in America since it was the nearest island to the US. This was also the time when the economy of the Bahamas started to prosper. Prior to that, the people on the island had made their living through turtle and sponge harvesting as well as sisal cultivations. After the prohibition, the island’s economy continued to prosper through tourism because of the great game fishing in the waters surrounding it. Many avid anglers from all over the world traveled to Bimini Bahamas which led to the island being called the Big Game Fishing Capital of the World.


Famous/Notable People of Bimini

Ernest Hemingway sailing to and from Bimini Bahamas

Because of the alluring waters and the fantastic fishing grounds, the island attracted notable personalities like Ernest Hemingway, Richard Nixon, Howard Hughes, and Adam Clayton Powell.  They were all enticed by the thrill and excitement of game fishing.  While on the island, Ernest Hemingway was inspired to write some of his articles and two of his novels including “To Have and Have Not”.  While part of his Bahamas vacation was spent writing, most of his time was spent hanging out with the locals and fishing. He is considered to be the person who made big game fishing popular on the island. Another famous name associated with the island was Martin Luther King Jr. who visited Bimini Bahamas, particularly the Healing Hole, while he wrote his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.


Places to Stay on Bimini

Big Game Club - Bimini

There are several Bimini Bahamas hotels and resorts that you can choose from.  The most popular hotel is the Bimini Big Game Club that has 51 rooms and cottages guests can choose from.  The resort is located at the center of Alice Town which allows guests easy access to the different sights and activities offered in the community.  If you want to bring your entire family for a grand Bahamas vacation, you can stay at the luxurious Bimini Bay Resort.  Your family will surely enjoy the excellent amenities including an infinity edge pool, a playground, and massage services.

There are many other places to stay in Bimini Bahamas. These include Bimini Sands Condominiums Resort and Marina, Ebbie’s Bonefish Club, Ellis Cottages, Sea Crest Hotel & Marina, and Weech’s Bimini Dock and Apartments. Vacation rentals and B&Bs can also be found on the island.


Things to See & Do on Bimini

Shipwreck on the northern coast of Bimini Bahamas

There are many interesting things to do and see on Bimini Bahamas like seeing the legendary Gulf Stream, exploring what might be the remains of the Lost City of Atlantis, taking a dip in the Fountain of Youth, and visiting museums.  You can also see the Bimini Boa, which is endemic to the Bimini Islands only or you can stroll around and watch the lovely peacocks. Tourists can choose from a wide array of tours, entertainment, fine dining, spa and wellness, birding, sports, fishing, shopping, and other activities. And of course, the beaches of Bimini are definitely some of the most beautiful ones you’ll ever see. Whether you want to have a great nightlife, a fishing adventure, or fun-filled family bonding activities, Bimini Bahamas has it all.


Bimini’s Myths & Local legends

Bimini Road - believed to be an undersea road to the Lost City of Atlantis

Interestingly, there are many fascinating stories that you can hear on Bimini Bahamas.  If you listen to their stories, you will surely be amazed by the myths and local legends of Bahamas culture.  Many believe that North Bimini was once the undersea road to the Lost City of Atlantis.  There are many carvings found on the rock formation that indicate that it was once a part of a collapsed wall or network of highways. Up to this day, many divers continue to explore the relics, to prove if this theory is indeed correct.

It was also believed that the Fountain of Youth is located on Bimini Bahamas. It was in 1513 when Ponce de Leon heard of the mythical fountain from the Caribe Indians in Puerto Rico.  He visited the island in search of the fountain and though he never did find it, many locals refer to a well located near the road to the airport as the Fountain of Youth.  Many claim that the water has a healing and medicinal power.  The Healing Hole in South Bimini is said to be holding some magical powers of healing and rejuvenation as well.  They also have what they call the Memory Ledge, where you can lie down and supposedly see a flood of your life’s memories.


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