CocoCay Bahamas

CocoCay Bahamas

CocoCay Bahamas is part of the Berry Islands which are a chain of islands in the Bahamas Out Islands. It was formerly known as Little Stirrup Cay, privately leased by Admiral Cruises to be used as their own private island for their cruise guests. In 1988, the cruise line was bought by Royal Caribbean who continued the lease and changed the island’s name to CocoCay. The island underwent several changes including aquatic facilities, nature trails, and a number of other breathtaking places for guests to enjoy.

CocoCay’s Top Attractions

Parasailing on CocoCay Bahamas

If you’re on a Bahamas cruise, it’s definitely worth it to have CocoCay Bahamas as part of your port of calls. There are quite a number of fun things to see and do on this little island. The beaches (there are several) are full of soft, white sand and clear, calm waters. Lounge chairs and hammocks aplenty are there for you to enjoy. There is also a number of watersports equipment on each one. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. For more adventure, you can ride a waverunner or a jet ski, or even go parasailing!


Dining on CocoCay

Drinking Coco Locos on CocoCay Bahamas

Though there aren’t any restaurants on the island, the cruise does serve a BBQ buffet meal of hotdogs, ribs, salads, hamburgers, chicken, fruit, and many more. Drinks, with or without alcohol, are available as well. A definite must-try is the Coco Loco, a drink that would make this cruise to Bahamas the best one ever. And you can have it served to you while you lounge in your hammock and soak up some sun.


Shopping on CocoCay

Shopping on CocoCay Bahamas

You can get some souvenirs of your Bahamas cruise while on CocoCay. There are a number of vendors in their straw market designed like a small Bahamian village. You can get some crafts, t-shirts, and other souvenirs here. You can even get your hair braided to commemorate your vacation. While it’s not nearly as crowded with stuff like the Straw Market in Nassau, the same Bahamas shopping tips do apply.


The next time you consider going on a cruise to Bahamas, make sure that you get to stop by CocoCay Bahamas to experience the extraordinary adventure of a lifetime.

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