Diving in San Salvador, Bahamas

Diving in San Salvador, Bahamas

San Salvador, Bahamas is one of the most prized among the islands. There are plenty of restaurants and attractions on San Salvador that will keep any visitor occupied for most of his or her stay. And the diving spots are no small matter either. This small island on the eastern side of Bahamas is situated right in the middle of stunning coral reefs. Diving enthusiasts are given the complete Bahamas diving experience because of the variety of dives as well as the clear and calm water that ensures great visibility from a hundred to 150 feet. The abundance of both deep and shallow dives allows divers of all skill levels to join in the fun and make the most of their Bahamas vacation.

There are some very interesting cave diving spots to explore around San Salvador, Bahamas. Try not to miss the Double Caves, two parallel caves that meet at their ends which are populated with black coral and amberjack. You might even encounter a shark or two!

If you want to bring the intensity of your tranquil Bahamas vacation up by several notches, then nothing will do it just like a wall dive. These usually start at around 40 feet and can go much, much deeper. The Halloween Reef, which has features of both wall and reef dives, is a favorite among enthusiasts. The Black Forest, on the other hand, has a depth of around 160 feet. Its depth as well as the possibility of encountering sharks makes it ideal for more advanced divers.

Reef dives are often the most accessible to divers of all experience levels and San Salvador, Bahamas has no shortage of these.  Check out the Sponge World diving site which is perhaps a good testament to the claim that the Bahamas is home to 5% of the world’s sponges. It’s a great place to check out myriad marine life as well. The Pillar Reef is another good spot for appreciating various kinds of marine life. On the other hand, your Bahamas diving experience won’t be complete without an exploration of the shipwrecks that surround San Salvador. Some of the more popular ones are the Brig Enterprise Wreck as well as the more recent Yacht Wreck. Don’t leave San Salvador, Bahamas without having visited a couple or so of these incredible spots!


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