Inagua – Bahamas Out Islands

Inagua - Bahamas Out Islands

Making the most of your vacation means doing some island hopping in the Bahamas and taking the time to explore the Bahamas Out Islands.  Each of these has its own special character, but if you want something especially unique, then Inagua is the place to go. Otherwise referred to as the “Wild West” of the region, it is home to some of the most fascinating Bahamas attractions you can find.

Inagua’s History

Inagua Lighthouse, Bahamas Out Islands

Inagua’s name is said to have originated from a combination of the Spanish words for “full” and “water.” Inagua’s first inhabitants were the Taino Indians but were taken away by the Spaniards to work as slaves in Hispaniola. In the 18th century, it was an area of many shipwrecks and pirates, until a lighthouse was built in 1870.  Bermudians, who came from the Turks and Caicos, settled on the island and started producing and selling salt. Sisal and cotton were once produced here as well but these industries have been considerably diminished over the years.


Economy on Inagua, Bahamas

Mountains of Salt at Inagua, Bahamas

It was throughout these initial efforts that Inagua began its salt industry. In fact, the Henagua Salt Pond Company was established here and became known as an industry pioneer among the islands. Today, the Morton Salt Company also sources its salt from this location. Aside from salt, tourism is also an important industry in this part of the Bahamas Out Islands. In fact, the island is home to some small and charming Bahamas resorts that provide a homey and casual atmosphere, giving guests more reasons to return.


Where to Stay on Inagua, Bahamas

Enrica's Inn on Inagua, Bahamas

Inagua is the perfect place to stay for those looking for unpretentious and charming Bahamas resorts that offer an island life feel. Staying in one of Gaga’s Nest’s five guest rooms, for instance, feels just like being on a ranch with all of the basic living comforts, such as television and air conditioning. Small families, on the other hand, will appreciate having a house all to themselves at Enrica’s Inn. For easy access to the town center, the Morton House is a strategic location. The Morton Salt House is just a stone’s throw away so you can check it out at your convenience. For those who prefer staying close to nature, the Pelican Point Resort is one of the best options. Located on a relatively secluded beach, it offers an amazing view of the sea and is visited by an impressive variety of birdlife.


Inagua’s Attractions and Activities

West Indian Flamingoes on Inagua, Bahamas

The Inagua Lighthouse is one of the main Bahamas attractions to see on this side of the Bahamas Out Islands. From the lighthouse, you can then continue to explore the rest of Matthew Town, with its old wooden structures and its number one natural highlight: its West Indian flamingoes. In fact, Inagua is largely protected by the Bahamas Natural Trust, which is why the island is now home to over a hundred species of birds, donkeys, rare lizards, and wild boars. Aside from bird-watching, you can also go diving and snorkeling as the surrounding reefs offer a variety of wrecks and abundant marine life that you can expect from the Bahamas Out Islands.


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