Island Hopping: A Taste of the Bahamas

Bahamas Islands

The great thing about vacationing in Bahamas is that you can visit several islands in one trip.  Visiting these different exquisite paradises is the epitome of a carefree holiday.  Without a doubt, if you want to explore the various exotic locations in the Bahamas, island hopping will be the ultimate adventure. One of the best packages you might want to check out is “A Taste of the Bahamas”, a 6-night exploration of 3 different islands.

Explore the City of Nassau

Entering the Port of Nassau, Bahamas

The adventure starts in Nassau where you are taken to Comfort Suites on Paradise Island where you get to stay for 2 nights in a standard room. While in the city, you can enjoy the beach or take a trip to Atlantis and see the world famous water park. Shop to your heart’s content at the straw market or dance the night away at one of the hip clubs inthe city. If you want a more educational experience, you can visit several historical attractions such as Fort Charlotte and the Pompey Museum.

Experience the Natural Attractions of Exumas Bahamas

Sunrise in Exumas Bahamas

Fly to Exumas Bahamas and stay for 2 nights at the Club Peace & Plenty. Your room is by the pool so you can enjoy a quick swim right after to refresh yourself. You can enjoy white sandy beaches or even secluded ones by taking a trip to Stocking Island through the complimentary hotel ferry. You can take a relaxed stroll about the island along its nature trails, meet and mingle with Bahamas locals, or go bonefishing on a sailboat.

Enjoy the Waters in Eleuthera Bahamas

Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera Bahamas

The last part of your adventure takes place in Eleuthera Bahamas where you get to stay for 2 nights at the Cove Eleuthera Hotel in a room with a view of their lovely garden. The pristine waters of this island will take your breath away. You can relax or sunbathe on the beach, go snorkeling, or stuff yourself with their gourmet cooking. The Glass Window Bridge is a popular destination on the island where you will be able to see the Atlantic Ocean’s dark blue churning waters meet the calm, aquamarine waters of the Caribbean sea. The panoramic view on what many refer to as “the narrowest place on Earth” will be the climax of your trip.


When it comes to perfect vacations, nothing beats this kind of adventure. This island hopping package will certainly give you a taste of Bahamas that you will never forget.

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