Shopping on Grand Bahama Island

Shopping on Grand Bahama Island

Aside from enjoying the beaches, shopping on Grand Bahama Island is an adventure that you would not want to miss. The Bahamas is a paradise for shoppers firstly due to the removal of import duties, and secondly because of the amazing variety of products that you can find. With the fantastic offerings at great prices, you surely won’t go home empty-handed after your Bahamas vacation.

The most popular shopping area in Freeport, Grand Bahama is the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Made even more dynamic by the number of entertainment establishments in the area and possibly the best restaurants in the Bahamas, it is the place to go for products that you can find back home but offered for as low as 40% off.

Port Lucaya Marketplace, Grand Bahama Island

Here’s a Bahamas shopping tip for you: if you want to find souvenirs that will remind you of your Bahamas vacation, look for shops that offer “Authentically Bahamian” products. You will find a great variety of beautiful straw-made products to take home, and you can even do some bargaining at these shops. At the Port Lucaya Straw Market, you‘ll find as many Bahamian souvenirs as you can manage to take home. If you’re looking for other unique ideas, why not drop by Leo Brown’s Gallery while you’re in Freeport, Grand Bahama? His Haitian-style artworks are reasonably-priced and make for great presents.

You may also choose to visit the International Bazaar. It likewise offers a good variety of products such as perfume and jewelry, and while not on the same level as the Port Lucaya Marketplace, it is also well worth exploring.

The Perfume Factory on Grand Bahama Island

On the other hand, if you want to combine shopping with a bit of history, a visit to the Perfume Factory is in order. Going on their free tour is a fun and informative activity you can do on Grand Bahama Island because you get to see firsthand how their perfume is made. You can even try your hand at it if you wish! You can then choose among a wide array of locally-made fragrances in unique and island-inspired packaging.

The wide range of choices and experiences offered, combined with the best prices you can hope to find, makes shopping an absolute must during your stay on Grand Bahama Island.


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