The Beaches of Andros Bahamas

Beach on Andros Bahamas

Planning to visit the Bahamas soon? Make sure that Andros Bahamas is part of your itinerary! It is the biggest inhabited island in the Bahamas. An archipelago, it consists of three main islands: North Andros, South Andros, and Mangrove Cay. Fall in love with Mother Nature as you take in the marine life and ecosystems found here! More specifically, the beaches of Andros Bahamas will surely amaze you. With so many beaches to choose from, going on a Bahamas vacation would definitely be worth it.

Must-visit Beaches of Andros Bahamas:

Andros Lighthouse Beach

Andros Lighthouse Beach

This Bahamas beach is located in Andros Lighthouse Yacht Club & Marina, one of the resorts found on Andros. As stated in its name, the area is home to a lighthouse that’s more than a hundred years old. This private beach isn’t just for swimming; you can also explore many things, go snorkelling, or simply relax. Other activities include bird watching, sport fishing, and going on eco-tours.


Small Hope Bay Beach

Small Hope Bay Beach on Andros Bahamas

Its name may have the word “small,” but this Bahamas beach will provide you with an amazing experience! Located at the Small Hope Bay Lodge resort, this beach can give you an unforgettable Bahamas vacation. As part of your adventure here, be sure to go scuba diving, snorkelling, and bone fishing. If you want to relax, drink some Bahamian brewed beer – Kalik – while lying in a hammock. For the romantics out there, Small Hope Bay Beach is also an ideal place for beach weddings and even honeymoons. For families and large groups, you can still feel like you’re at home in any of their 21 beach-front cottages.


Tiamo Beach

Tiamo Beach on Andros Bahamas

On the south side of Andros Bahamas, you will find Tiamo Beach. It is a private beach that can only be reached by riding a boat or taking a seaplane. Tiamo is ideal for those who want to have a more intimate vacation because the place only has 1 villa and 10 cottages; there are fewer tourists to share the beach with. Tiamo Beach features a beautiful tropical environment: green palm and coconut trees, white sand, and blue waters. You can go sailing, scuba diving, fishing, and snorkelling. Indeed, the name, says it all – Tiamo – you’ll surely love everything about it.


Love Hill Beach

Love Hill Beach on Andros Bahamas

This beach can also be called the Long Beach of Andros Bahamas as it has a very long shoreline, allowing visitors to easily claim private spots. If you don’t like crowded beaches, then Love Hill Beach is where you should go. You can do many things here without worrying about bumping into other beachgoers that often. Enjoy walking on its smooth, tanned sand and find your way to Stanyard Creek, a place famous for its lush coconut trees and other vegetation.


Summer Set Beach

This beach is best explored during low tide as you walk on a great stretch of white sand. You can collect shells easily as you can go over half a mile into the ocean when the tide is low. You need not worry about mosquitoes because of its windy atmosphere, and it is also a good place to go snorkelling. You can also have a relaxing walk as the beach also has over a mile’s stretch of coconut trees and casuarinas that offer respite from the sun.


Nicholl’s Town Beach

Nicholl's Town Beach on Andros Bahamas

On the northeast side of Andros Bahamas, you will find the treasure of Nicholl’s Town – a half mile beach strip of soft and pearly white sand. It is a beautiful crescent-shaped beach that’s near a few pubs and lodges. The beach is also near Morgan’s Bluff, which has caverns that are popular for treasure seekers.


Pleasant Bay Beach

Expect to have a pleasant stay at this beach! Pleasant Bay Beach is a well-known area in the south of Andros Island. It is the home of the annual Coconut Festival with plenty of trees to offer you shade. Enjoy leisurely walks on its smooth, tan-colored sand and bask in its shallow aquamarine waters.


Regatta Village

Regatta Village Beach on Andros Bahamas

Aside from the beach, this place is also host to some popular festivals and events. For example, every July, so many locals and tourists watch and join the annual All Andros and Berry Island Regatta. This event features traditional Bahamian wooden sloops, highlighted by the Boat Race that’s divided into Class A, B, and C. Another event is the annual Sea Food Splash Festival that happens every October.


There are many other beaches found on Andros Bahamas, so it is guaranteed you’ll find the right one that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Whichever beach you decide to visit, you’ll surely have a fun, exciting, and relaxing time.

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